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Amber Hipple wrote a MindCaviar feature about the difficulties of being bisexual. For her, it's completely natural. She talks about her early realization of feeling no distinction between male and female. For her to have to choose would be limiting, forced, stifling. And that she grew up thinking human beings in general were beautiful, wonderful creatures.

Once she came out, she was no longer "Amber" but "bisexual" in many people's eyes. She's dealt with other people's anger, mind you, about her decisions in life. She's not ashamed at all about being bi, but is now much more guarded about who she talks with about her sexuality. She says, "Telling someone about my sexuality is a gift. I am trusting them with something that's intensely personal, yet inherent in my personality."

And then there's Jane.

It's a great piece, read it at mindcaviar
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