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So, when is it?
World Nude Day will take place on February 6, 2009. The grand prize winner will take away US$10,000 in gold (that's Nude money). Enter by uploading a video of your antics on this site. See the terms of use for more details.

A little back-story
Hidden away in the ass-end of the world (just as we like it) we Kiwis have been hiding a secret. Like kids before Christmas we wait for the day, counting down the sleeps... and when she comes, ohhh when she comes we embrace her with liberated souls, in the only way we know how. Nude!

But now it's gotten too big, word has spread and so we decided to take our favourite day to the world! Wherever you are around this big ball, get into the spirit, show that you won't be constrained and free yourself for World Nude Day!

PS. No entries accepted from Tasmania (Australia).

World Nude Day '09
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