I just got a toy and it is soooooooo wonderful but my ex-boyfriend is jealous. I asked him to come for some fun, but he was too busy. I said it was ok because he was doing something really important (usually I whine, demand, beg, then torment him by teasing him with all the stuff I want to do till he gives in) then he keeps bringing up that I replaced him with this toy. How do I reassure him that the toy can't replace him?
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Tabu Toypro
Ah, silly boys. Didn't you invite him over to play too? That sounds like inclusion, not exclusion.

And, wait - he's your ex?! How's he going to feel once you've replaced him with a human?
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If it does replace him he's doing something wrong.
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Why not try reading this?
It may not entirely apply because he is your ex, but it's a start
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My boyfriend purchased one for both of us to play with, he suggested it first.
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We have tried different toys over the years and found out that the wife gets the most pleasure from really big dildos. She just loves that full feeling she gets when I use one on her. I enjoy the visual stimulation as well as the moans and reactions to my efforts to please her. Then I'm rewarded with a hot, wet, excited pussy. A toy is just a tool to increase stimulation and pleasure, it's not meant to replace but to enhance the experience. So what if it's bigger, that's just a preference for the toy and not the partner. Doing what pleases your partner will get you rewarded for your efforts and understanding of her needs, the sex will be better!
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