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And in sex toy news, professional prankster John Hargrave took the (possibly life-threatening) stance that if you can't waltz through airport with a vibrator shoved down your pants, the terrorists have won.

According to Hargrave, "I have had it with the airport security checks. They make us remove more and more clothing, while letting us take less and less on board. Soon we'll be shelling out $1000 for the privilege of traveling naked in a three-foot caged pen. We won't be allowed to eat, drink, or pee during the flight. Communication will be prohibited, except for furtive glances with the flight attendants -- who, incidentally, will be robots with tasers.
My question was this: are the security checks really any more effective? To find out, I decided to re-enact the classic scene from the 1974 [1984] movie This is Spinal Tap, where bassist Derek Smalls puts a foil-lined cucumber down his pants, which is picked up by the security wand. Only I decided to go one better, by putting a buzzing vibrator down my pants."

After a..ahem..thorough..screening by security personel, John was free buzz off.

For the record, TabuToys does not condone practical jokes on airport security (unless you don't have a problem with being tasered into your next life.)
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