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Aside from my wife, about thirty years ago I got involved with the mother of one of my students. She was fifty four years old single mom, about fourteen years older than I was then. With our busy schedules we didn't connect often but after a couple of hours in the sack with her you needed to call in to work and ask for the next day off. It's a fond memory I hope some of you have some day. Keep the faith. Hank
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I'm still getting my best piece...and she is 48!
Lovin My Wife...Lovin Life

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Oh baby...(blush blush...cheeky smile)
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This happen long ago in a galaxy far far away, wait that's another story, but this did happen when I was around 20 and in the military. Stationed at the hottest place in the world it seemed like, Fort Hood, and working as MPI, Military Police Detective, I was lucky enough not to have to wear fatigues every day. Most the time we just wore civies or shirts and ties but that was up to your unit CO.  We were lucky enough to have a good CO. and he let us get away with a lot as long as we got the job done and caught the bad guys.  We had been getting complaints of shoplifting at the PX which usually started about a week before payday when most everyone on post was low on funds.  Nothing real big was being taken but it was adding up and the manager was being told to get it under control or find a new job. We set up a meeting away from the store with the manager so none of the staff would know who we were and one of us would act as a new hire while the other would just hang around the place and watch things.

Rosetta the manager was about 52 yrs old, 5"3 and about 130lb soaking wet but she had a figure that would put any 21 year old to shame. She was very light skinned, more bronze than brown but had the coal black silky hair that  most Mexican woman have. The only thing different was she had  emerald green eyes, not something you see that often. As I was assigned lead on this case we met at her home off base and I was surprise that she lived on a small ranch. I found out that she was widowed for 5 yrs. and her husband had raised bulls for years and had some prized stock. She didn't need to work but was bored sitting at home and left the ranch to be run by the man her husband had as a foreman for over 30 yrs.  She didn't need the job at the PX but it was a pride thing with her and she didn't want to be fired.

When I pulled up she was sitting on the porch in a white silk blouse and white Capri pants to match. She walked to the steps to greet me and we sat and she asked if I wanted something to drink. Even tho the sun was setting it was still above 90 in the shade of the porch, and the half hour drive in a car with no air left my shirt soaked and sticking to me.  She handed me a tall glass of iced tea and said I looked awful uncomfortable in that wet shirt, and why don't I take it off and she will have someone wash it and dry it.  I told her not to bother but she leaned down and started to unbutton it. The more I protested the quicker she worked till she was pulling it out of my pants and off my back. The lady was use to having her way and I wasn't going to be the one not to let her. She held up the shirt like a victor and yelled out something in Mexican and a young girl about 17 came running from inside the house.  She handed her the shirt giving her instructions and she turned and was gone as quickly as she appeared.

She could see I was a little embarrassed sitting there bare chested, but she laughed it off telling me she had seen many of the ranch hands running around without their shirts and I was to think nothing of it.  She sat back down across from me and started to asked what I had planned. I gave her all the details and she said that she really didn't want to ruin some soldiers life over the small amount that was being lifted. I told her regardless of what it was it was still wrong. I couldn't held noticing that she kept looking at my chest, not that I had a six pac or anything close to it. I was fit but not a body builder, but for some reason she was just staring at me the whole time. I was due to end my shift in about a hour and told her that I needed to get back to base, she then asked when was the last time I had a home cooked meal.  I knew right then that she had something other that catching shop lifter on her mind.  She invited me back for dinner and I told her I would return in hour and we could continue the interview.

I knew you were not suppose to get involved with someone on a case but there was something about this woman that I just couldn't let go.  I also new that I was putting my job on the line but I really didn't care.  I went back to the office and dropped off the squad car and headed to the my place off base, I grabbed a quick shower and changed and drove back out to her place.  I got there a little after nine and she was still sitting on the porch but now was wearing a sheer red silk top unbuttoned and tie at her belly and a red pair of short shorts with matching red CFM heels.  There was now a table set with dinner ware and the lights were low and soft music was playing in the back round.  She sat me on a porch swing and walked over and pour me a tall glass of Sangrea filled with ice and one for herself then came back and sat next to me. She told me her life story in the next fifteen minutes then said it was time to eat. She called out and as I held the chair for her to sit the young girl for earlier and now a older woman came out carrying bowls and platter filled with food. There was porter house steaks sliced and cover in onions and mushrooms, fried potatoes with peppers and some mixed veg's, in a cream sauce, along with torties, and some other stuff that I didn't know what it was but it all tasted great. After the meal there was Mexican Flan which she said she had made and it was her speciality.  I didn't care if she cooked it or not it was fantastic. As the girls were clearing the table she took me on a walk showing me the ranch. There had to be 20 other men woman and children running around and all bowed to her and greeted her like a queen.

I found out threw our conversation that she was born in a town not 10 miles away and her father was also a rancher. He had a contract with the government for beef and had over 20,000 acres he owned and rented more from the government to graze his cattle. He was now retired, but still  lived on the ranch with his wife and to this day still sold beef to the government. She was a only child, she had a bother but he die when he was 7 after falling off a horse. She married young 17  to her husband who was the only son of a rancher and due to problems with her first birth the child was still born and she almost died from hemorrhaging and had to have surgery that left her never able to bare children again. She said she had lived a good life and her husband was a wonderful man who had doted on her every whim. He had went to Mexico to buy some bulls and suffered a heart attack and died before she could get down there. He had left everything to her lock, stock and barrel, and she was set pretty much for the rest of her life. The only other thing was is that she was to continue breeding bulls and to let the running of the ranch up to the man who had run it with her husband for over 30 years. Just last year she had sign over 40 percent of the business to him and given him 100 acres. They had a great relationship and things were working out well for the both of them.

Went got back to the porch everything had been cleared away and the girl were waiting for her return. She said something to them and went over and gave each of them a hug and they left.  By now I was thinking that maybe I was wrong and she just wanted someone new to talk to but that changed when we sat back down on the swing. She took my arm and put it around her shoulder then put her head on my shoulder and sighed. I looked down and could see that the button on her top were almost all undone and that she didn't have bra on.  Her nipple were starting to get hard as I watched and she dropped a hand to my thigh and slowly flexed her fingers. She looked up and asked me if I would mind kissing a older woman.  She might be older but right then she was one of the sexiest things I have ever had my arm around. I lower my head and lightly kissed her, no tongue just a gentle kiss. I was tingling all over, I had never felt anything like this with any woman I had ever been with. I didn't know what to do next but that didn't stop her. She turned till she was facing me and laying across the swing. She started to kiss me harder and then her mouth opened and her tongue flew into my mouth. She press her chest against mine rubbing her breast across it, making her nipple harder with each movement. Then she broke the kiss and and quickly unbuttoned my shirt. Once open she started to kiss my chest and bite on my nipples, then she leaned back and pulled her own blouse open and for he first time I saw her fabulous breast. They were round and firm and stood out without any sag. The bronze color was nothing compaired to the dark brown or her aureole and these were the size of half dollars and right in the center was a nipple at least a quarter inch across and half inch long and hard as rocks.  She leaned forward and just dragged those hard buds across my chest bring a moan from deep within me, then leaned back and grabbed my head and brought it down to them.  I sucked once into my mouth as far as I could and ran the flat of my tongue over the tip, now it was her turn to moan. Then I moved to the other one and did the same thing, except when I let it slip from my mouth I caught the nipple between my teeth and teased it with my tongue.

She hissed out a yesssssss  and pulled back and stood up with her blouse open as she panted "Come with me"
Her hand reached out and I took it and stood and she led me into the house, down a hall and into what was her bedroom.  Once inside and standing next to the bed she turned and ripped my shirt off then her own. I reached for her but she backed away and kicked off her shoes and hooked her thumbs in her shorts and wiggled her hips to get them started down over her hips.  I kicked off my own shoes and started to unbuckle my pants but she growled for me to stop, she wanted to do that. She slowly pushed her shorts over her hips and the lower the got the harder it got for me to breath.  She was complete bare, no underwear and no hair was to be seen. When she finally got the short low enough for them to fall off she stepped out of them and then I could see her slit. She had a high slit and long puffy lips but it was what was sitting looking at me at the top of that slit that got my attention.  Her clit was huge and was sticking out wet, bright pink, and throbbing with each heart beat.

She walked slowly to me and I reached out and place a hand on each breast, kneeding the flesh and pinching and pulling at the nipples.  She stood there and shivered from head to toe as I did this then reached up and lightly pushed my hands away and leaned toward me and started to kiss my chest, running her tongue from nipple to nipple as her hands found the snap of my pants then the zipper. Once my zipper was down she hooked her hands inside the side and started to kiss and lick down my chest pushing my pants lower as she went. I was as hard as could be and the head of my cock was sticking out the top band of my underwear which she had not pulled down with my pants. She was now on her knees in front of me and her tongue came out and she licked at the head of my cock as she reached up and grabbed the band of my underwear and slowly pulled it down.  As my cock slowly fell free she opened her mouth and took first the head then much more into her mouth.

The rest of the night was just as exciting as this but right now I have to run some errands. And yes this is the oldest woman I had ever been with until I got a lot older. Not many have ever lived up to her but many have come very close.
Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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P Gell
My Man is 50. He's amazing! Like a fine aged wine who knows where the Good Stuff is and what to do with it....
I can be tolerant of almost anything....except Intolerance........and Dairy Products
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Wow... What a topic for my first post!

Her name was Patty and she was 60 at the time & I was 39... Simply amazing sex! I could have lost myself with her, methinks. (I doubt I could have kept up for any significant length of time, to be truthful - and at the time most women considered [i]me[/u] to be hard to keep up with!) Fortunately for me, Patty had other fish to fry and moved on to to a relationship with a wonderful woman that she is with to this day. I moved on to meet my beloved wife who fully completes me in every way, not just sexually. Worked out well for the both of us. I do wish Patty lived closer. She & my bride would be great friends.

"Where Liberty dwells, there is my Country." ~ Ben Franklin, March 14, 1783
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