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As a reviewer without a partner, I resign myself to the fact that there are many things that I cannot review by myself. Sometimes when I'm perusing items I think to myself that I may need to get a partner just so I can try these things out. However, I'm not going to let my solo act prevent me from enjoying some things geared toward couples such as Kama Sutra's Treasure Trove, Tangerines & Cream kit. I've long been intrigued by Kama Sutra products. They appeal to my sensual side. generously indulged my desire.

The set consists of 8 oz. kissable Honey Dust with a handmade feather tickler applicator, a 4 oz. bottle of Oil of Love edible massage oil, and 1 oz. Stimulating Pleasure Balm.

If you hadn't guessed already, the can of Squirt is for scale. The products may be small in size, but they are full-sized and not samples.

The fragrance that hit my nose when I opened the box was sweet, but definitely not tart and didn't remind me of tangerines at all. But it was a delightful fragrance nonetheless. In fact, I just paused in writing this to take a whiff. The box of goodies is currently perched on my desk on my right. I tried the honey dust first, just on my arms as a test. I did a couple dry runs with the feather applicator and it felt lovely.

As you can tell from the picture above, the dust comes in a plastic twist-tied bag. You're supposed to empty the dust into the satin-smooth bag, but mine will remain tied shut. Why? Because the dust is too fine and puffs up ridiculously every time it shifts or is molested by the feather. I had a lengthy coughing fit the first time I tried it. The second time I was prepared, but it puffed up way too much again. Unfortunately, I won't be messing with the dust again. As for the taste, it's pretty much nonexistent. So, I was left with this fine tasteless powder/dust on my skin that just made me go, "H-uh."
Not exactly sensual, eh?

Disappointed but undeterred, I moved on to the massage oil. There's a nice little cork that plugs up the bottle, and once I removed it I was hit by a rather sweet fragrance. I mean sweet enough to make you think your teeth are gonna rot in your head. It's not a runny oil, but not exactly thick, either. It slid over my skin nicely and a warmth quickly spread over my skin. This warmth increased when I blew on it. It's pleasant but I can easily see it being too warm for some. It's very relaxing and sensuous. It does, however, tend to become sticky once it starts to absorb into the skin.

As for taste it reminds me of weak cough syrup. Yeah, not very yummy but thankfully the taste does not linger. A bonus: It rinses off easily with just plain water, but you'll want to use soap to avoid residue. I recommend keeping wet wipes like toy cleaners on hand while using the oil. Oh, one last thing--I know some reviewers have mentioned sheet staining, so beware. Perhaps a towel or two would be a good idea here.

The final item to try was the Pleasure Balm. It's similar to the consistency of the oil, but it's a bit more on the gel side. I put a recommended dime-sized bit on my finger and applied it my clit. I began rubbing and noticed a distinct cooling sensation that was quickly followed by intense warmth as I continued to rub. It followed a pattern, the more I rubbed, the warmer it became to the point of a subtle then fine burn. For those of you not into pain, I suggest you keep this balm away from your sensitive bits. Guys, be wary of this being on your penis unless, of course, you're a masochist. But also bear in mind that sensitivity to pain varies with people, so what may be a burning sensation for some may be a pleasant warmth for others. I rather enjoyed the pain and the slickness of the gel sliding all over my clit.

Overall, I feel it's a lovely kit. The dust may have been a disappointment for me, but I plan on using it as a sachet. Apart from that, there's not really any major downsides to this kit. I'll be using the oil when I'm in a sensual mood, and I'll use the balm when I want some clit-oriented pain.
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