Hi everyone! I'm new here so please go easy on me.

I'd like to ask you some questions about knife play.
What is involved in knife/razor play? What are the safety aspects involved? Have you ever experienced it? If not, how do you feel about it? What are some of the psychological aspects of this type of play?

Thanks for your answers!
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There are a few rules related to knife play.

1) Buy quality equipment. You are looking for carbon steel blades, the finest quality you can find. You want a keen, smooth UNSERRATED edge. You want to keep this edge razor sharp, or rather dull. Either or, as befits your level of experience. The most dangerous knives are those that are a "little" sharp. These are unpredictable. They cut sometimes, but not others, depending on the texture of the skin. Sharp always cuts. Dull never will. Choose either and be sure of the situation.

2) Keep the knives you choose WELL. That means, use them for no other purpose. Keep them in a fine state of repair. You might well be able to get away with a cat of 20 tails that has a few tails missing, or a riding crop that has a frayed wrapping on the handle, but a knife that is chipped or nicked or has a loose handle, is absolutely ready for the garbage can., or non-S&M related uses.

3) Keep your tools clean. Always use "hospital sterile technique". Wash the knife blade and handle in denatured alcohol, or with a sterilizing soap of the sort surgeons use to scrub up with. "Liquid germicidal soap" works well here, but I still prefer alcohol. It kills bugs dead. Have your bottom take a shower before beginning. Wash your hands, and unless you are playing with your life's partner, BE SURE TO WEAR LATEX RUBBER SURGICAL GLOVES. Aids is transmitted very nicely through the blood. So are a host of other ailments.

4) Go slow. Take your time. We are NOT in a rush. Are we? Enjoy the session, and make it last a rather long time. Make slow distinctive movements. Never vary the speed unless you have a few years of experience under your belt.

5) Nothing above the shoulders. Eyes and facial nerves are impossible to repair if cut or gouged.

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Excellent points, Belladonna. In S&M the goal of the Top in all cases, is to inflict a maximum or desired level of sensation, WITHOUT disfiguring the physique of the bottom. Knife play is therefore about 75% "touching, scraping and rubbing" and about 25% actual cutting.

The second popular misconception, is that a knife has but one use, but one sensation that it can produce, and is therefore of limited use to the SM devotee. Knives have a cutting edge of course, but also have sides, points, handles and since they are made of metal, can be refrigerated or heated as the Top may decide.

A third erroneous view involves the concept of actual blood letting. True, there may well be some, but this is absolutely unnecessary if undesired.

Finally, the fourth most popular misconception involves the idea that to play with knives means to scar by necessity, and that scars, permanent lasting scars are the name of the game. My current partner and I have played in this manner on many occasions, and she has not ONE permanent scar on her body.

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