Hank Alvarez
I'm curious because a couple of the ladies I knew did and others seemed to be turned off. HHH
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Plum Pudding
I get horny about 2 days in and I hate that having sex during my period grosses me out. So until we can get to actual sex there is some serious foreplay.
LIve everyday as if it is your last.
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My former cyber friend is a real horn-dog during her period (at least part of it).
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Some scientists believe that women have a hidden "heat period" during the middle of their menstrual cycle that effects their visual perception of men and the way their oflactory glands process androstenone. In short, men become more attractive. Also, men find the smell of women at mid-cycle more pleasant as well.
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i do right before
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P Gell
I used to get uber horny right before and while I was having my period. As perimenopause progressed, my sex drive seems high all the time, and I don't necessarily get that extra boost before and during my period.

Also one explanation is that during menstruation the pelvic organs are engorged with blood, and of course, this engorgement is going to cause a woman to feel turned on. THis engorgement is NOT menstrual fluid, but actually blood and lymphatic fluid building up UNDER and in the pelvic tissues, related to the bloating you feel while you are having your period. Many women feel very horny during their periods, and Thank Heavens for maroon sheets and towels......
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