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Pharmaceutical maker Boehringer Ingelheim is releasing a new female sex drive drug called Flibanserin. It's specifically designed for pre-menepausal women experiencing low sex drive.

For a summary of what the company claims the drug does, read Cory Silverberg's article on Sexuality called Meet Your New Experimental Sex Drug: Flibanserin
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P Gell
So, it sounds like an "anti ANTI depressant." (Antidepressants INCREASE serotonin use by the brain and neurotransmitter. This drug reduces it.) I hope it doesn't create depression in some women.

The article says the average American woman had "1.7" more "satisfying" sexual encounters a month than they usually did. 1.7 A MONTH? That's it? Even if I has a problem with libido, I don't think less than 2 encounters a month would be enough to make me take this drug (which I assume needs to be taken daily?)

Nah, I wouldn't take it.

I'm in perimenopause and have NO problem with desire or libido (actually, I have the opposite. Almost overwhelmingly strong libido.)) but reaching climax has become more difficult, and it appears this drug doesn't do a damn thing for that problem. (at least not directly.)

I'm at the moment, Taking Arginine (and amino acid) and occasionally pre-sex  (phenylephrine) Sudafed PE at the moment (both are supposed to increase nitric acid or change blood flow to the pelvic organs in the body and help with "shy" orgasm in women.) I'm having intermittent success and failure with it. Just started the Amino Acid, though.

Waiting to see if the doc will prescribe some Testosterone for me, in a about a month.

Not surprised, the drug didn't do anything to increase "satisfying" sexual encounters for (the more open and unrepressed)  European women, as it is designed for seemingly repressed Americans (yet an other group I don't fall into.)

I don't think this is our "Viagra." Not just yet. My guess it doctors will be prescribing it like crazy, women will become depressed (either due to poor performance and/or causing depression)  and then the stuff will be pulled off the market in a storm of law suits.
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