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Although my masturbatory preference is clitoral plus penetrative stimulation, I'm always willing to give strictly clitoral vibrators a chance. I knew I wanted to try the Layaspot from the moment I laid eyes on it. It's perfectly designed to follow the curve of the mons and to press against the clit.

Made of elastomed (basically an elastomer), it's easy to clean, but bear in mind that it is splashproof and not waterproof. Remember to always remove the batteries before cleaning, and either be careful when getting it wet or use a toy cleaner. The Layaspot takes 2 AAA batteries which are not included. Unscrew the cap to insert batteries.

Fun Factory manufactures the Layaspot and just like with every toy they make, it comes with instructions and a sample of their Body fluid lovegel lube.

See this area? (pic on my blog)

That's where the concentration of vibrations are, and the area you'll probably want to press against your clit. However, you can experiment with different placements to find what works for you. There are two soft touch keys (plus and minus) that control the vibrations.

To turn it on you'll need to press the plus button for about a second, and then you'll hear the motor kick in. It has multiple speeds that you can either press through one at a time or you can hold down the buttons to either increase or decrease the speed. There are also pulsations that require more persistent pressing. It's a very quiet vibe even at its highest setting, so you don't have to worry about it being heard through walls.

The initial slow speed made my Layaspot a bit rattly sounding. It smoothed out once I began increasing the vibes and it's highest setting is rather strong. Those are my favorite kind of vibes, but it was also fun starting off subtle before kicking it into high gear. The Layaspot is very efficient and gets the job done. I came a few times with it alone and it's also great in addition to penetration. It's small, quiet, powerful, convenient, perfectly curved and it gets the job done. What more could you ask for?

The Layapsot is so good, in fact, that I gave it to a friend whose only toy had given out and isn't able to afford something new. She prefers clitoral to penetrative stimulation, and though she actually prefers stronger vibes she said the Layaspot has worked wonderfully for her.
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