Hank Alvarez
I had a rather unique insight from a least expected source. A guy I’ve know for at least twenty years recently got divorced for the third time. This last gal was drop dead gorgeous and we were all hoping that the third time was a charm. He’s never managed to stay married for more than about five years and number three only lasted for four years.
His third wife was everybody’s favorite and she’s a very social person. She mixed well with our crowd and when they split up we were devastated and I had to ask why. Straight faced, she said, “Well, I thought you knew he was gay.” To say the least that floored me. I don’t really care how a person gets off in the privacy of their bedroom but that was a real shock about someone I thought I knew well.
That was almost two years ago and we’ve managed to stay friends with both of them. We’ve kind of walked a tight rope since inviting each of them to social gatherings but to save glass ware, never at the same time. She’s come over frequently with a new beau but he’s always come alone. My trainer and her beautiful lesbian lover have come over often enough for people to know that I don’t do anything different when they’re not there It’s never come up since, but recently my friend and I were sharing a pitcher of suds and a dozen wings at a local pub when the subject of blow jobs came up. And here was the insight that rocked me.
He said, “Most women don’t know how to suck a cock.” I asked him how he came to that conclusion and he said that the three women he’d married and a number of others were the least talented in that area.” He expanded to a criticism of how most of them ignore the balls and leave the guy wanting.”
My personal feeling has always been that we have to train each other as to our likes and dislikes and be as honest as possible in the bedroom without hurting our lover's feelings. I’ve always felt very fortunate with my mate so I surprised myself and asked him, “Well, how did you learn?”
I guess his answer shouldn’t have surprised me. He said, “By watching gay porn and mimicking what they did.”
We went our separate ways and I did like he said. There are a couple of adult sites that have gay porn and I watched video clips and looked out for what he said. I compared it to what you routinely see on heterosexual videos and I immediately noticed the difference.
About the same time I remembered something my trainer said about cunnilingus, “That most guys don’t know how to eat pussy worth a damn.” I wondered if all these years we’ve been going about this all wrong. Most of the videos of women performing fellatio were just like he said; they were just polishing the knob and ignoring the rest of the genitalia. Should the guys be watching lesbian sex scenes and studying their techniques and the girls watching the guys and noting what they’re doing? I think I learned a lot today and just I wanted to pass it along to the class. Maybe we should be learning how to go down on a woman from Nina Hartley and the gals should watch some burly dude doing another. What do you think? HHH
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