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Mamma Mia!

Yes, I did just say that. I am head over heels for the Lelo Mia. This sweet little purse vibrator is small, discreet, and so pretty looking. Made of high quality hard ABS plastic, and silicone button pad. THis toy looks both classy and feminine. Considered to be Lelo's "lipstick" vibe, this toy is larger than a lipstick tube, but it's still very petite in size. Like all of Lelo's toys, Mia is rechargeable - but here's the kicker, you charge Mia through a USB drive! All of you technology geeks like me will drool over this fun unique feature. No cords or outlet needed, just pop off Mia's tapered cap, and plug it into your computer's USB drive.

The toy is so discreet, you can pretty much charge it without anyone suspecting that it *isn't* a portable USB drive. Mia comes in a pretty pink color, and also a lovely deep fuschia color. Mia's body is sleek and smooth, and the tip of Mia is perfect for clitoral stimulation. Mia isn't meant for internal play, but she sure packs a nice punch for clit play. Mia emits a little buzz, not too loud, but not extremely quiet either. It's not very bothersome though, and more than likely won't be heard in the other room unless someone is listening outside the door. Mia features vibration speeds from a light buzz to a nice deep vibration speed. You can also choose different vibration patterns, or go with the default buzz, which is orgasmically delicious all on it's own. Mia is very easy to use, just click the + button to turn the vibe on, and the - button to turn it off. You can also lock and unlock Mia, so she doesn't go off in your purse on accident (oops!) by holding down the +/- buttons for a few seconds until the buttons light up.

How does Mia feel? She's sensational! Mia has become one of my very favorite clitoral vibrators. She has enough power to put me over the edge, and she fits comfortably in the hand. I loved flicking the tip of the Mia over my clit as she buzzed away happily. Mia's sleek body feels wonderful against the skin. You can even use this vibe on other parts of the body, such as the nipples, and even the neck. Mia is versatile, and I keep her in my handbag at all times. She's super discreet, so I can take her to work with me, to class, or even on a date! Mia is a perfect partner for solo play, and is small enough that it can be used during couples sex. You can also pair the Mia with one of Lelo's g-spot dildo such as the Ella. I highly recommend this for a seriously orgasmic experience. I cannot say enough good things about Mia. She is my go-to vibe, when I need something that will definitely knock my socks off. Mia is also very easy to clean, or use some toy cleaner or a toy wipe. Mia isn't waterproof, but she is splash-proof. I do recommend using caution when getting Mia wet, as it can break the toy if water gets underneath the button pad. If this occurs, here is a tip that works well for me, simply pop Mia's cap off, and wrap your lips gently around the USB drive and blow lightly, this will push out any water that may be lodged inside of the toy. I'd also like to mention that Lelo really makes good on their 1 year warranty, that they include with all of their sex toys. I've always had a good experience with Lelo's customer service, which makes me even happier about using their products.

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