Long ago in a galaxy, far, far, away, no wait that's a whole different story.  Well boys and girls I'm still breathing, though not as good as before. Getting old is a pain not only in the ass but I've found in a few other places.  Since I last posted I've got a new knee, been in the hospital 4 different times, mostly for a lung condition that I somehow caught from some one who I talked to who was in Asia recentlly and brought a bug back that is a real kick ass thing.  First time it hit me I was rushed to the hospital and couldn't breath, O2 saturation was down to 48% and I was there for 2 weeks getting it figured out.  The third day I had a guy and lady both in suit come into my room and I though they were some more doctors but they started asking some crazy questions. When was I in Asia last, 1972, had I had intimate contact with a Asia person or someone who had been there in the last 30 days, NO, Eaten at any Asian resturants in the last 30 days and did I know any of the people there, NO, OK hold on folks just who the hell are you???  Turns out they were from the CDC and that I had contract a lung virus that had just come into the U.S. and there were 11 cases in NY, 8 in CA. and I was the 5 in IL. and so far 4 people had died of this dang thing.  After they helped me up off the floor I started with the ??? and found out they wanted a lung tissue sample and would be giving me some med;s that were experimental.  Needless to say I wasn't the happy camper right about then, see I don't trust these goverment doc in the least, didn't trust the VA doc and am not going to trust this guys either. My doc said the med shouldn't hurt me and might help  and that the tissue might help him and them to find out how bad I had this thing.  Let me tell you it wasn't a pretty thing to have done. Tube down the nose into the lung then they went in with a wire thing that had a claw thing on it and just grabbed what they could and yanked it out, thank God I was at least knocked out.  I coughed up blood for 3 days and was a mad as a midget with a yoyo, but it was to late.  The med helped but I lost about 1/3 of use of each lung. Then just before I get out of the hospital these clown show up again to check on me one last time and ask to take another sample.  You can just about guess what I told them they could do with that idea. The guy got a little uppity with me and said they could force me and I told him he wouldn't make it out the door without talking to my friends, Smith and Weston,  he caught on real quick and they left.  Next thing I know I got 4 cops in my room asking if I had a gun in there with me. LOL  Lucky for me two of them know me from town and knew I was just getting my point across so they left and didn't even check the room. Thank God again. It's been 4 months of therapy and I now use a nebulizer and 3 differ drugs but I get by, it's also put a catch in my sex life and you can forget going up and down stairs. Besides that I've been hanging in there trying to get better and stay away from any Goverment type people.  Will try and keep you all inform but don't worry if somethings happens I have someone set to post a obit it neccessary LOL 
Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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What a bummer OH! Hope you will improve. I know what it's like to have lung problems.
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