This might sound a little weird, but belive me it will send some intense feelings up your groin. You will need a hand held shower head (preferably one that you can adjust the spray) and a pair of control top panty hose that will fit snug. You can cut the toes out of them if your having problems pulling them up high enough. When you put the pantyhose on pull them up as high as you can get them. You want to reach down, and grab your scrotum, and pull your sack up as high as you can without hurting yourself. Next move your penis of to either side just a little.

Now your ready to get in the shower. Adjust the spray to the hardest spray that you can. adjust the temp to where you think you'd like it. Then spread your legs and aim the spray to your groin.

You can concentrate on your scrotum, penis head, right where your scrotum joins your trunk, or my favorite shake your hand back and forth.

I have several times been able to ejaculate without touching myself. And when I haven't, just reach in and grab your penis while the spray is hitting your balls. you can even get your partner to handle the showerhead 

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My oh my, I thought only women loved the shower head. Thanks for the tip!
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