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Boy did I have to take a few deep breaths before starting this post. I'm reading a terribly written piece about, a gay male dating website, and the backlash against them for a 30 second commercial they are hoping to run on Super Bowl Sunday. Or Stooper Bowl Sunday as I like to refer to it. 

Seriously, let's recall. How many years in a row have we seen scantilly clad women in bikinis in sexually suggestive commercials for products like chips and beer? We saw the wardrobe malfunction, we saw Prince's phallic guitar  shadow display (which I loved) and you've probably seen much more than I can address here because I tend to avoid football like the plague. But this isn't about me - it's about Mancrunch.

Mancrunch is trying to pay CBS their little 2 million dollars to run a commercial promoting their dating site. The AFA (American Family Association) has released this little gem right here:

"CBS should not put parents in the position of answering embarrassing and awkward questions from their children while they're just trying to enjoy a football game."

Oh. So what did you tell your kids when they watched the commercial with 2 women wrestling in a fountain, pulling off each other's clothing and then have a make-out session at the end? Uh-huh. And what about the 4-hour long erection commercials for the ever popular little blue pill? Oh, I see.

And what might you say when Tim Tebow's pro-life spot runs this SuperBowl Sunday? Will that prompt you to speak to them about condoms? Safe Sex? No. It probably won't I'm sorry to say. People, we need to use these opportunities to speak to our children and hell, even our adult peers about diversity, choices, individuality and

Here's a link to the article along with CBS video that'll make you kind of sick to your stomach. At least it did me.
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My friends...we live in the bible-thumping world of hypocrites. Or the old stand-by...He with the most money wins.
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Unbelievable.  It's OK for "families" to sit through 1000 commercials which happily repeat the phrases "erectile dysfunction" and "if your erection lasts more than 4 hours....." repeatedly (which I have no problem with, even with our youngest in the room, although I am NOT a fan of prescription drugs advertising on television) or as Pro said, the ladies wrestling in the fountain, etc.) (It sounds like I have no problem with 4 hour, sounds long as no one gets hurt...)

WHY NOT let a Gay dating site advertise? CBS is a "family channel?" OK. Unless they are getting billions from the drug, beer, hard liquor, and straight sex industries, nearly naked women draped across pick up trucks and beer,  everything from "Harmonydotcom" to later in the day sex talk phone commercials....Let the Gay Men have their commercials.

Is is me, or does it seem like the once common "Gay" commercials have gone by the wayside? It seems, (at the height of Will and Grace's popularity) there were lots of commercials with obviously Gay men in them? What happened to those commercials? These were for regular products, Gay men, as a group, have more buying power and discretionary spending than straight couples OR singles. (both men, meaning usually TWO large incomes, usually no kids, no marriage tax penalty, it's been proven that targeting Gay Men is advantageous to advertisers.)  WHY NOT? Is there a way to reach CBS and complain?

I sit through the Super Bowl (or at least part of it) to be with my Man (yes, I am a football widow) and because my son loves football, and my other two kids still at home LOVE the commercials (last year was kind of lame, though) If nothing else, it the END of Football for the year.....until the 10 month Hoops season comes...then baseball, starting with "practicing" which for some reason needs to be broadcast.. and this year the Olympics. I'll never get the man away from the TV.
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