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Marco Banderas has been dubbed "Porn Superman" by ...

AVN says that on camera  Marco is "Superman" while off camera "he's mild mannered Clark Kent ... humble when discussing his ability to pound through five scenes -- pops and all -- in one day"

That feat was achieved on April 20th of this year ... Marco started at 8am, finishing in the evening, pumping out five incredible scenes for "Marco's Crazy Dreams", the first title from his company, Hot Zone Video.

Marco honed his sexual athleticism as a live sex performer in Spain where he would perform with his wife Lisa DeMarco three times a night (with as many as seven performances a day during conventions!)

Marco Banderas: "The live sex shows were a very good school for me. We had fifteen minutes for each show and I had to do the cumshot exactly when the music was finished. So I'm used to this."

While five pops in a day might be something that any hormonally-charged teenager with a willing partner might boast, such a task has never been attempted in Porn Valley. Not even close. But now Banderas has effectively transformed the adult movie into an Olympic event.

Lisa DeMarco: "Marco doesn't like to lose a day of work. He's one of the busiest guys at LA Direct so he hates to spend more than one day filming for himself."

Marco's "supply of energy is the stuff of legends" ...

Marco: "I don't want a day off. When I have days off, I stay home and fuck my wife. Then she calls my agency and says, 'Get him more work.'"

Banderas began performing in the US in 2003 and has appeared in over 250 titles — 150 of which were released in 2006. His rock solid performances have earned him one of the most reliable reputations in the business and he has parlayed his success into a promising directing career as well. Banderas' first three directorial efforts —The Darkside of Marco Banderas and Culos Gigantes for Mercenary Pictures, as well as POV: For Your Eyes Only for Tightfit Productions — were released last year. Last March, Mercenary released Culos Gigantes 2, Banderas' continuing testimonial to his love of big butts.

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