I wish somebody would address sexual issues to women of my generation. In the good old bad days there was sex for certain, but it was a rushed, dirty thing that happened in the back of the car. You rarely enjoyed it and you certainly did NOT talk about it. As "good Southern Ladies" we were given absolutely no positive information on how to give and receive pleasure much less even talk about something as forbidden as masturbation. That was something "Boys" did. I was extremely lucky enough to enjoy a sexual catharsis of sorts late in life but I know there are so many women who may never know the pleasure. Young girls nowadays grow up so fast and seem to have a wealth of sex tips at their fingertips but naturally, most of this information is geared towards them. Is there a book or video that caters towards the needs of women of a certain age? I have a dear friend who still looks at sex as a "duty" because she has never even climaxed!
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There are some very informative DVDs on the market that cater to the needs of couples over 40. For example,

Couples Guide to Great Sex Over 40 Volume I and Couples Guide to Great Sex Over 40 Volume II

Or specifically catering to women over 50: Great Sex for Women over 50

And lastly, a DVD that covers the ins and out of Masturbation:
Nina Hartley's Guide to Masturbation
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Hear hear! One would hope we would get smarter with age! The hangups regarding sex that were so pervasive in society when I was 16 and 50 years later are still causing problems for our same generation. So much guilt and misinformation..
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Congratulations that you are finding sex now! I wish you the best on your journey!
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My mother was very...ummm....let's say anti sex, just to be nice. I discovered masturbation at a very young age, quite by accident and somehow knew she wouldn't approve. I grew up in the 60's and 70's when the sexual revolution was at it's height, but living in the South, there was still much that was frowned upon and masturbation was at the top of the list. Luckily, I never had very many inhibitions and they grew smaller as I grew older. It really helps to have a husband who likes to explore sex on a regular basis and do things that make it interesting to say the least.
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Well for alot of us older guys who aren't in a relationship masturbation is less of a priviledge and more of a necessity!
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