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Hank Alvarez
Considering what toys cost, I sure don't think it's funny. We've had some disasters like that and we came up with a solution that I would like to propose: after washing, hopefully sterilizing, and drying, we store ours in zip lock bags that we squeeze/take out as much air as possible, minus the batteries.

That's been another disaster. When you buy them the manufacturers seem to put in the cheapest quality batteries they can get. It sits for a while, unused, and you finally get your better half all hot and bothered and the damn batteries are dead as a doornail. They've either self discharged or leaked acid and ruined the toy. The first thing I do when we buy a new toy is toss the batteries and put in the best I can find. Hank 
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Hey Hank...those new zip lock bags that have the air-sucker-out thingie are pretty good. Havent tried anything with batteries in them yet, but they keep any unwanted air out...they keep my steaks fresh!
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