Here's a little something for the ladies so they'll know what they're getting into when they jump on the tour bus. To make this clear I don't know this stuff to be true personally but I did find it at Metal Sludge and they seem to be experts at this type of thing.

Art Alexakis from Everclear

Art has an 8 inch cock, he's loud and practically rabid for eating pussy and rimming. He loves his balls sucked, is a great kisser, and enjoy his encounters in odd/semi-public places. Art has a huge sexual appetite and is very loud/likes to talk dirty. However he's not fond of condoms and sometimes his cock isn't fully hard, which might have something to do with him being a former drug addict. Either that or he's just old. He tries to come off as such a sincere, sweet guy, but he's a HUGE slut. He does treat you well when you're with him--he even holds hands/cuddles and gives his real phone #. He also likes his women to be pretty intelligent and able to hold their end of a conversation about current issues, etc.

Jon Bon Jovi from Bon Jovi
Back in the day Jon was a huge slut but he's chilled out a little. Jon has an average size cock and like a lot of guys prefers to receive oral than give it. He has good rhythm though and will even wear 2 condoms if you ask him to.

C.C. DeVille from Poison

I knew a girl that use to go to his house up in the Hollywood Hills & said he liked to jack off with lotion 3-5 times a day when he was a Speed user! Nothing fancy on the size either. Must be all the bleach. Doesn't shut up either.

Marshall is average length, maybe 6 or 6 1/2 inches but pretty thick. Loves to give oral and like most guys like it even more in return. Very paranoid about people coming after him and is known to be a bitch.

Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers

Flea may seem the scruffy second choice to Anthony, but he's very attractive and intense in one hard compact package. He is highly intelligent, sensitive, a great writer and has a beautiful, extremely rock hard cock of well proportioned length and width. Can stay rock hard for a while. Incredibly intense building and fluidity.

Vince Neil from Motley Crue

What a fat lazy piece of shit. He has no charisma in the sack or on stage! After screwing thousands of chicks, he just doesn't put any effort into it anymore. If you hook up with Vince, you deserve a painful yeast infection. Not to mention he has the build of Cartman from South Park.

Lars Ulrich from Metallica
Lars is about 6 inches and has a HOODED MONK, meaning he's uncircumcised! That's to be expected because he was born in Denmark, or some foreign country like that. He's a quick shooter and likes multiple girls. He's also fond of blow (what a shock) and that might result in his MONK to not wanting to come out and play. And he constantly talks. Shut the fuck up already! Also he's losing his hair, but that's another chart.

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I used to have such a huge crush on Flea.
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Rock guys should watch their step cause girls always talk!
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There should be a famous vagina list. I would read it!
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Agreed Clair. I'm sure there are plenty of groupies out there who could talk about Pink and Madonna..maybe Alicia Keys?
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