The #metoo movement and today's headlines have started a national mass conversation about sexual abuse, but the conversation usually centers around adult behavior. 

Experts say today’s murky consent culture prevails in adulthood because these behaviors aren’t being addressed in childhood — a pivotal time when kids are learning social norms and developing their sense of identity.

According to 
psychologist Christia Brow, "that sexual harassment isn’t a problem confined to the adult world. It begins, in fact, much earlier.“By the time girls leave middle school, the majority of them have been sexually harassed,”

Nor are sexual bullying and harassment confined to girls. Teenage boys are under tremendous pressure to “act like a guy,” which often means fitting into narrow (and often toxic) conventions of manhood."

Most of us have had the "good touch/bad touch" conversation with our young kids, but are you revisiting that conversation with your tweens and teens?

And, what do you say?


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I don't have kids but it seems like most people think that teaching kids what's right and wrong is enough but it's not. Everybody knows that "rape is wrong" a lot of people aren't clear on what defines rape.

Half of my girlfriends have been assaulted, many of them when they were inebriated or passed out. Obviously boys don't understand how consent works and need it spelled out for them. As in, "if your gf is asleep or mentally impaired STOP, do not proceed."

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