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From the Intimate Fantasy Blogspot-

"This was the very first time I ever used a force pump or a penis pump and I have to say that I really liked it. It was something different to try with my fiance. I tried the Cyberskin Cyclone Pump several times in different ways. The first time I used the Cyberskin Cyclone Pump was with the penis sleeve and that first time I did not use any lubricant, so when I put my penis inside and my fiance started to pump, It kind of pinched some of my skin. But it was not a problem as I just adjusted my penis. My fiance then released the force through a release push valve on the hose of the pump. I could'nt believe how much sucking force the Cyberskin Cyclone Pump actually has. It kinda reminded me of my fiance giving me oral sex.

After a second try with the pump she rubbed on a good amount of the personal lubricant on my penis (which by the way, comes with this pump.) She then slipped the Cyberskin Cyclone force pump onto my penis which was still really hard and I could still feel it, throbbing from the last time my cock was in the pump. This time I felt even better almost like being inside of my fiance. The sleeve felt really good because of the sleeve getting warm from my touch and the way that the sleeve has these dozens of little mini ticklers all inside of it. I could feel them all over my penis. After my penis was super-hard my fiance took it off and began to go down on me. My fiance was surprised on how hard my penis was. She was really turned on by this after about twenty minutes of this it was my turn to please her by now her private's were so wet I couldn't help but want to get inside of her.

When I came a second time we decided to try on the Cyberskin Cyclone Pump without the sleeve which I thought was pretty cool simply because I was able to watch my penis get up and get hard- all my fiance did was pump it about three times but just enough so that my penis stayed hard inside. Now, you can pump the Cyberskin Cyclone force pump several more times but it was just a little uncomfortable for me because the force was just too strong, but some people might enjoy that. We then tried on the sleeve on just by itself. My fiance was giving me a hand job with the sleeve on when she was doing that it kind of reminded me again of her giving me oral and just the thought of her doing that made me come. There is an opening on the sack of the sleeve where you can put the bullet vibrator. I have to be honest-that really does not do anything for me but my fiance loved it especially because the bullet is pretty powerful.

We recommend you clean the sleeve and the pump with the cleaning powder it comes with and a little anti-bacterial soap and water.

Overall: For my first penis pump I really enjoyed it with my fiance. It's a high quality product and I would give it 2 thumbs up!

Would Intimate Fantasy Recommend it? I recommend the Cyberskin Cyclone Pump for anybody looking to buy a really great penis pump. There are many ways to use it!"

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