He was two weeks into his girlfriends visit and we had talked a couple of times during that time. He was happier than a teenager after getting his first feel of a naked tit. She was going to be there for a month visiting her folks and doing the family reunion thing. Her old man who to say the least is a jerk was staying back east and only would come out for the weekend of the reunion so they had way to much time left to be alone with each other.  Her kids were old enough to run around on their own and they knew that mom was spending time with her special friend and it was ok with them since they dislike the old man as much as she did. Anytime Jordge talked about Gail it was like someone talking about that first love. He was as hooked on her as any man could be hooked on a woman and she felt the same way towards him. They together couldn't keep their hands off each other and even tho this had been going on for over 20 yrs each time they saw each other it was like that first time they were ever together.

They tried to keep their meeting a secret as much as possible, but anyone that knew them knew that when they got together look out the sparks were going to fly and don't get in the way.  Just the way they acted when together or just talking over the phone had a erotic flare to it. Anyone that saw them together knew that they were in love and showing it in public didn't bother either of them, it was like they were in their own little world when they were together. We got to talking and from what little he said I can only guess that it would go something like this.

Jordge, When Gail arrived I had borrowed a motor home from a friend and had it parked down the street from her hotel. I could see the front of her hotel and she called when she arrived and told me she was going to get the kids settled at the pool and would be down to meet me as soon as possible. I had already showered and had the place picked up and cooled down. I put a bottle of wine on ice and sat back on the bed watching out the window  so I could see her coming down the sidewalk. I was already half hard just thinking about the last time we had been together and how much I missed the feel of her body next to mine. It had been too long without her and I always prayed that someday she would be free and we could be together like it was ment to be.  I knew how hard it was for her,  not being happy in a marriage and not being able to do anything about it could sap the life out of someone. I knew how she felt when we were together and it was like day and night compaired to her normal life. To bad her family and folks couldn't see it, they thought I was not good enough for her but thank god she didn't have those same feeling.  When she wasn't with me I was a empty shell of what I am when she is with me. She makes me so alive inside that it hurts to feel that good, but it is a hurt that you want to feel everyday of your life.

There were a lot of people milling around but the second she stepped out onto the sidewalk I saw her. It was only two blocks but could have been a mile and I could have seen her and picked her out of a crowd. Hair the color of sunshine just as it comes over the mountains on a clear morning.  Head held high and walking tall and straight like the beauty she is. My heart skipped a beat the second I saw her then started to race with each step she took. My breathing got quicker the closer she got and when she opened the door I was actually panting  and sweat was starting to appear on my brow.  I got up off the bed and walked toward her as she dropped her purse on the table. I wanted to throw myself on her but just reached out and took her hands in mine and leaned forward for our first of many kisses.

When our lips met I felt the shock that is alway there when we touch, then her tongue brushed across my lips and slowly enters my mouth, trying to be everywhere at once.  She releases my hands and brings them up to my face and cradles it in her palms as she slowly leans her whole body into me. We melt into each other and stay this way for a long time, I run my hands up and down her back and along her sides feeling the slight bludge of her breast, then down till I have both cheeks of her ass nestled in the palms of my hands pulling her against my crotch. She smells of jasimine and lavenader and as it combines it make my head spin.  Her breast are pulled flat against my chest and her nipples start to harden poking into my chest.  When her crotch is flush with my crotch I can feel her mound shiver against my now hard cock. The kiss finally breaks and she once again take my hand and leads me back into the bedroom at the back of the motor home where the next 2 hours we spend  getting to know each other all over again.

Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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