So here's my dirty little secret. I am 34. I have had sex with about 21-22 guys and I have never had an orgasm. Nobody knows it. Not even my boyfriend and it's driving me crazy. I'm so sick of faking it. There I said it.
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We are here to help! Have you orgasmed during masturbation?

Get yourself a little clit tickler and do your homework. Find your sweet spot (start at the top of your clitoral hood and see how that feels) and then try to recreate that during intercourse.

Or, while your partner is giving you oral, use your fingers to rub on your clit or have him insert a finger and do the "come here" motion.

Slow things down a bit during intercourse so he doesn't come first. Have him penetrate you from behind - often, this position will hit your gspot so you can orgasm. Or, you may need to hop on top of your partner and grind around until you find the spot.

Remember, sex usually involves two people - so that sounds like a minimum of two orgasms to me.
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