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In the 10 years I've worked in the sex toy industry I've often wondered why they don't make more toys with handles. (You may have noticed this yourself if you've ever tried to locate your g-spot with a standard vibrator.) Solution? The Tantus G-force. Made by hand by the cool chicks at Tantus, it's got plenty of "grip area" for easy control if you're going solo or using it on a friend. This also makes it especially nice for anal penetration when you're using it on a partner for a few important reasons:
1. You're not going to lose it (sparing yourself a less-than-blissfull trip to the emergency room.)
2. Less stress on the wrists.
3. Let's face it. Some people are a little icked out by the "danger zone" and don't want to come in contact with body fluids. (The handle offers you a nice buffer so you can keep your hands clean.) Here's the link!
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I've got this. My girlfriends pussy get's so wet if she even sees me pulling it out of the drawer! I love to get a good ryhthm going and ram her with it while I'm licking her clit.
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