Hank Alvarez
I finally tried the LOVE PACIFIER from California Exotic Novelties. I'd had it for a couple of weeks before I actually used it and since my first impression wasn't favorable I tried it again. Obviously from the picture on the box it's an ANAL toy but that's about the only claim they didn't make. They claimed it's: "angled for pleasure, ergonomically shaped to enhance your lovemaking, advanced," which they didn't explain, but I will,  "100% silicone, durable, flexible, silicone soft," and, designed with an "EZ-pull handle." Okay, so much for the boxed hype now let's get down to brass tacks.

The first thing I noticed was the shape and size. It has, what they claimed was, an actual size photo on the outside of the box and that put me off from the beginning. It looks like a pointed ball, sort of egg shaped, at the end of a slightly curved short stem with a pull ring at the other end. The whole toy is only 4 5/8 inches long. The egg shaped probe is 1 1/2 inches in diameter but it reaches that size in only one inch! Ouch! And it's not soft. So there's a very steep taper that  let's you know right away, even with a lot of water based lube, that you definitely have something going into your butt.

The sudden dilation you experience with the Love Pacifier tells you that this is definitely not a toy for beginners  or the faint of heart. I enjoy stimulation and play in that area but recently I learned from a colonoscopy that I have internal hemorrhoids and the insertion of this toy was very uncomfortable, almost bordering on pain.

Once it's in place, it's okay, but they miss the mark there too. The length of the stem easily accommodates both the inner and outer sphincter muscles but I think if the stem was another inch longer it would have actually hit and rubbed on something that would have given me a thrill. So I can't agree with the ergonomic shape or the claim that it will enhance your lovemaking.

Sadly, when you look at the shape you think it would lend itself nicely to stimulating the prostate gland.The angle looks good but I'm afraid it's just a little too short, at least for me. Maybe they should add copy saying that it's for midgets and dwarfs?

As far as the flexibility is concerned, I found it to be too flexible; kind of like trying to push a wet cooked noodle up a wildcat's ass. As afar as durability is concerned I'm not going to have to worry about that because we've already decided not to give it a third try. Is silicone recyclable? Overall I was very disappointed . We have a box full of sex toys, many designed for the back door, but I have to give this one thumbs down as my wife's fickle finger of fate does a much better job. But in all fairness, like Dennis Miller says, "This is only my opinion. I could be wrong." Hank   
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Tabu Toypro
Ooohh, aahhh, ouch! Sorry Hank! Sounds like you did have a bad experience with this one. Not all anal toys are designed for prostate stimulation and this one is definitely not. This one is usually worn for the feeling of fullness by either a male or female.

I don't think you can put it your weekly recyling bin, but I found this source for Sex Toy Recycling you might find interesting. It didn't provide a search for locations but there is an About Us link where you can ask about locations in your area.
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Have you tried the ANeros?
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