OK, so I decided to prepare a little surprise for my darling!! I bought couple of days ago these beautiful, slutty, provocative and WOW over the knee, leather boots (6 inch heels) and I when I saw myself in the mirror... I simply felt like a ..hmm.. how to say this.. like a dirty, slutty girl, who actually enjoys her role. These bots discovered me something that I never thought I can be..! Taking into consideration that an 'awerage' women usually dont walk around in these boots loL... or maybe even NEVER try them on during her life, I was so excited, a bit nervous and extremely horny. Cant wait for HIS reaction!! So, I am interested what do women tend to think about this transformation and would they dare to put this on, without any biasis? Man- do you think this is a good idea for my boyriend?
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I'm sure he'll love it. You'll be surprised what average women do behind closed doors!
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Sounds like a terrific idea to me! But I think any idea that changes the 'norm' is a terrific idea. And if transforming yourself into a slut is what does it...more power to you, Sweetie!

I would like to know what you wore with your new boots, tho...
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Great place to start - boots can transform any outfit and take it to another level. Plus, the height you get and the appearance of longer legs should make you feel like a sexy, dominant woman! We'd love to hear what his reaction is.
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