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P Gell wrote:

With a few exceptions, I usually hem and haw and pretend I can't talk (LOL!) because mine are more nasty than his are. Even after all these years, there are still things I think would freak him out. And, a few of them are things that are just fantasies and I do not want to do IRL.

Speaking as a married man, I find it hard to believe your thoughts are too nasty for your partner.  I have a very dirty mind, and so does my wife.  She, being much smarter than me, was clever in how she told me what she liked.

For instance...

While we were fooling around, I was running my hands through her hair, and tightened my grip.  She made the hottest whimper, kind of caught her breath.  I made a mental note, and tried it again later.  The harder the grip, the hotter the reaction.

A little while after that, again while we were playing around, she moaned in my ear that she loved when I got rough with er.  HUGE turn on for me, and we've engaged in rough play ever since.

If you're worried, find ways to hint around at what you want.

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You know I'm still looking for a good adult game that might help me to get her talking about things.  I mean anything and everything to try and get her to open up.  threesomes, gang bangs, orgies, me watching her have sex with other men, her watching me have sex with other women, Her watching me have sex with other men.  Hell I don't care I just want to get her to open up about it.  I have tried over and over to get her to talk about it and we have a great sex life I just want to know if there is anything that she might fantasize about or like to try other than the normal sort of things we do.  I really just think she's keeping tight lipped about it because for some reason she is ashamed of what she's thinking.
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Most games I've seen are wayyyy too PG but I've played one called the Nooky Game that is alot of fun. It doesnt get as specific as "gang bangs" obviously but its graphic enough to get the ball rolling. Who knows what the night will bring once shes really turned on.
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