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If you are considering visiting a clothing optional resort, msnbc's Christopher Elliott has some travel tips for you. There are some misconceptions about what happens or what is expected to happen at a clothing optional beach or resort, but he assures you that you'll have a mind-opening good time. And possibly at bargain prices too!

The word "optional" should be your first security blanket. If you're nervous about baring it all, no problem. But once you're in the mix with other nudies, YOU may be the one feeling discomfort. "Hey, look at the clothed guy!" There are actually some nude beaches that are family oriented. If this freaks you out, don't worry, you're probably just an average American.

Being nude is liberating and a clothing-op resort is anything but full of perverts. If you're interested, read the article on msnbc to find out who's got the best deals.

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