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Ideally you should clean your toys with antibacterial soap and water after each use, but there are times when you just do not want to get out of bed and trudge to the bathroom. Luckily for us, there’s Afterglow Tissues from

Afterglow tissues are 7.9"x5.9" personal cleansing wipes that contain antibacterial agents perfect for cleaning your sex toys and implements. They also contain herbal Bergamot essence which give the wipes a pleasant fragrance that does not overwhelm. They are very sturdy and withstood some tugging on my part. (One must test all aspects of a product, right?)

As you can see above, the 24 tissues come in a convenient display box for easy access, and they're individually wrapped so they're perfect for travel. The tissues are also large enough to clean more than one toy so they last longer.

I used the tissues on my smart balls and the vibrating ben wa balls. I tend to get pretty creamy when insertables are involved, but the tissues cleaned the balls just fine...even with the addition of lube. It took only a minute or so to clean the balls and an additional minute or two for the residual moisture to dry completely. Afterward there wasn't any evidence that I had played with the balls or of the lube I had used with them. I didn't try them on the ejaculating rabbit vibe because that was more complicated to clean which I will discuss in its review.

I also used it as an external cleansing wipe on my mons, labia and thighs (which is another intended use) and it worked like a charm. Always be aware of any possible allergic reactions. The Bergamot essence makes the tissues especially refreshing and soothing. There's nothing like laying in bed spent from wonderful orgasms and reaching over for an easy all-in-one clean-up solution, and then promptly turning over and falling asleep.

I recommend using the tissues on easy-to-clean toys and not ones with all sorts of nooks and crannies. I mean, if you're gonna have to focus and actually work on getting all of your fuck juices off your sex toys with the tissues, then you might as well just get up and clean it properly. If the thought of taking a cleaning shortcut squicks you out, remember you can always give the toy a proper cleaning at a later time.

If you too would like a quick, hassle-free clean-up wipe, then I highly recommend that you buy the Afterglow Tissues from

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