I am looking for some sexual things to do to my wife. We don't have a lot of toys but I can order some or go buy them.

She likes a little pain, insertions, tied up, things like that. Nothing anal, nothing public, nothing permanent, no webcams or pictures, other than that anything else goes. The wilder the better .
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Tabu Toypro
I cannot wait to read your responses....!
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Hank Alvarez
I'd suggest studying the masters: porn stars/educators like Nina Hartley. If there's a cause she has a cure. Hank
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I would recommend some light BDSM coupled with some sex and other things.

If she's a fan of water-sex or wants to try it, I'd recommend filling a bath, and using these water handcuffs ( and a waterproof (Make SURE it's waterproof) vibrator on her, then possible moving into a standing position for sex.

If you'd rather do it in the bedroom, I'd recommend some nice, soft wrist and ankle cuffs ( then going from there. You could use a vibrator on her, possible a dildo (or yourself) for insertion, using a soft flogger like this one ( ) on her, and possibly some nipple clamps if you think she'd enjoy that. You could also help her feel more "controlled" by asking her to do a striptease for her before you make a sensual presentation of tieing her up.

Let me know if you'd be interested in more.
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