I'm a forty-seven year old Caucasian male. Happily married with three children that I fathered and three step-children I consider my own. I have an embarrassingly extensive sexual history but NO history of STDs (Thank Goodness!)  I have had spinal cord injuries in the past, but regained full function long before any of my current sexual problems arose. My wife has went through an extended period of an uncharacteristic lack of libido which, due to our exceedingly open & strong relationship, did no damage to our marriage. During this period, however, *I* began having issues of my own.

Recently I had blood work done at the Veteran's clinic where I receive my medical care. I had reported the following symptoms:
[li]a general lack of energy,[/li]
[li]lack of meaningful sleep,[/li]
[li]night sweats,[/li]
[li]changes in how I carried my body weight & an unexplained weight gain,[/li]
[li]nearly completely dead libido,[/li]
[li]irregular erections with the inability to maintain same,[/li]
[li]changes in the shape of my penis when erect, and[/li]
[li]problems with premature ejaculation for the 1st time in my life.[/li]
...among others. Fortunately for me, my doctor is unusual among VA doctors in that she has a great respect for sexual health. She thought that I might have a hormone imbalance.

Boy, was she right! My score 249. she immediately started me on a hormone replacement therapy. The male nurse that gave me my injection, (I'll be getting one once a month now.), informed me that in his experience men getting the injections often come back within 3-4 month that they feel like them old selves again. I, of course, don't know if this is 'BS' or something closer to the truth. What I *can* report is that within 10 days of my first injection I am experiencing "morning wood" again for what seems like years. I am getting spontaneous erections, too. Though these are still much smaller and less firm than what I once considered normal.

Has anyone else had experiences with these symptoms &/or therapy?

If so, what was your experience? Can I hope for at least some return to normalcy?

This is all very hurtful to someone who prided, (perhaps too much), him self in his ability to stay with a lover as long as she desired and who once had what was considered a very nice, thick member. (But in NO way some story-style monster cock!)  :-[

My beloved wife has been great about all of this, and I do make every effort to please her in other ways - so far, successfully. Toys, fantasy talk, hand & oral, etc. I'm even open to her exploring her Bi-curious fantasies. whatever I can do to keep her happy. So far I seem to be succeeding, but I know she misses what we once had. If I can give her but just some of it back...  :'(  My doctor has also offered to write a script for Viagra though my one experience with it was more annoying than useful (a slight ringing in the ears, flushed feeling...)

Any info will be greatly appreciated!

Bull, out.
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First of all...welcome to Tabu, Bull! You got questions...somebody on here has answers.

I have had a couple of the symptoms you have or are going thru. A medical work up found no major problems...other than the fact I smoke too much. My dr's advice was take a vitamin supplement. They seem to help but I dont think they would help you with some of your issues. The only experience I have had with HRT is an ex-wife. The shots worked for her immediately...but only for a short term. Know thats not helpful, but its what I got.

As for the Viagra...I have taken them...and find the discomfort (headache, flushing, ear ringing) are kind of hit and miss. Sometimes I get them...sometimes I dont. But from what I understand in talking to the dr and others, it happens to everybody. Guess you have to decide they are bad enough to keep you off them.
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That sounds like something my ex went through before he was diagnosed with something called Cushing's Disease that effects your throid. Treatment helped.
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