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“You have one of two choices…” Donna offered, turning finally to show Dennis what she held in her hand.
        The chubby black guy hadn’t been looking below Donna’s waist in the past five minutes; she had opened the front door of her condo dressed in a killer red and black corset. But Dennis’s big brown eyes went wide then as he looked down to see the thick flesh- colored dildo in Donna’s fist.
       “You want to see more of me…” the big girl said, breathing deep so the amazing alabaster shelf that were her double D’s popped up even more. “…you have to suck or fuck my little friend here.”
        “Don…” Dennis tried, looking at his date, the dildo in her hand, back to Donna’s pretty blue eyes. “..shit, I…”
        “We both know you have been around enough to have had a few things up your ass, Dennis,” she continued, leaning in to kiss his neck. “But I also know it would be so sweetly erotic and humiliating to watch you suck this thick seven and a half inches.”
        _Seven and a half_? Shit, Bruce thought, shivering slightly as Donna stood back from nuzzling him.
His eyes went to the fake cock Donna then lifted up between her big breasts. Could he really take that rubber cock? Donna was right, Dennis had enjoyed a creative sex life during his thirty five years, he had indeed had had some encounters with anal stimulation but he couldn’t remember taking a dildo up his ass… certainly not one that stout! Or how ‘bout having to suck that in front of her? Better then anal maybe but still woefully embarrassing.
        Some option, Dennis thought. 
        “Imagine it in you,” Donna said, placing both hands on the cock then; pulling, manipulating, rubbing and coaxing the rubber veined shaft into her thick cleavage.
        Closing her eyes slightly, her thin lips opened-those amazing big breasts spilling forth-Dennis watched as Donna played. He could have stayed there all night just looking at her tickle and touch, rolling the dildo against her tits; she was touching it with such attention Dennis could almost feel his own cock in place of that fake one.
        He stood back and finally got a good long look at the voluptuous woman before him: the bone and brocade Donna’s lacey corset; the thin g-string front covering so far her down below; what looked like three-inch heels on her feet, teetering her thick thighs high and taut.
Jesus, how could he not take the dildo, rise to Donna’s challenge? He wanted this woman so so bad, he was aching, the bulge in his pants was bursting, his mind was ablaze.   
        It was all Dennis could do to hold his place and not pounce on the busty blonde.
“You’re gonna take it for me…” she continued to whisper, her eyes still slits, her breathing even deeper. “…in your mouth or ass.”
        “Ah, ahm,” Dennis growled.
        “Now choose,” Donna said, step back and opened her pretty light eyes.
         Her entire big body shuttered as she stood her ground, shook off whatever fantasy she had been having and turned her right hand palm up to him, the life-like cock wiggling across it. She was breathing so deep Donna’s right nipple peeked out of the corset.
        “I have lube, if it’s going in your ass,” she snickered staring Dennis down. “If not, open that pretty mouth nice and wide.”
        “Donna I really…” Dennis began, buying for time.
He was going to tease her with anticipation just like she was teasing him. He had already made up his mind and he wanted to meter out this kinky moment for as long as he could. When he finally gave her his decision he wanted it to come like a thunder clap.
         “Believe me Dennis, you don’t do this and we will stay friends, but nothing more,” the big girl before him said. “All my men go through this…if they want me, that is.”
        “Donna,” Dennis sighed. Ok, so she was the big bad mistress of so many men, thought she was in control-and in a way she was-but Dennis was going to shake her big thick foundation right now, to be sure.
        “Donna, no, I...” he said, dipping his chin to his chest, feigning reluctance; he even let his right knee shake slightly.
        “Oh come come Dennis,” she said, still holding the cock offering out to him. “I thought you were stronger than that. All that flirting in work, what was that? Are you backing down?”
        Dennis let the seconds tick, five, ten, keeping his head down, waiting, looking over at Donna’s heels, hearing her breathing, smelling her perfume, sensing the dildo bouncing right there in front of him…feeling his own very real cock pound.
        “Oh Dennis, you’re really disappointing me…”
        “I’ll take it both ways,” he suddenly said, looking past the dildo straight into Donna’s eyes. As if struck the woman took a step back, swallowed hard, dropped her hand and smiled wide.
        Dennis took the dildo from Donna’s soft hand.

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