I couldn't find a place specifically for 'newbies' to introduce themselves, so I thought I would try here (if this aint the right place, feel free to redirect me!)

First of all, this is not just is also my beautiful bride, Dreamer. We were recently married (third one for both of us...think we got it right this time!). I am 54 and she is soon-to-be 48. We live out in the country but close to the Georgia coast. We have a lot of privacy to run around nekid, which suits both of us just fine.

I found out about Tabu Toys because of a commercial I saw on TV while channel surfing last night...which brings me to why I'm gonna stick around for awhile.

I love lingerie...I love shopping for lingerie...I love seeing my wife wear lingerie...I have some amazing pictures of her wearing it. (She is a bit of an exhibitionist!) But I can't find it! It seems lingerie is not politically correct so stores quit carrying it. I know...Vicky's Got A Secret...Frederick's...various web sites (I have NOT looked here yet, but I will!) sell it, but it is painfully pathetic. And the color choices run the gamut from white to red to black...and that's pretty much it! I never know what I'm looking for until I see it...then the problem becomes 'one size fits most' or out of stock. My wife is not one size and out of stock means they will never get it again!

So that's my rant...that's why I'm here...but I bet I can find lots of other reasons to stick around! Thank you for allowing me to get started!
Lovin My Wife...Lovin Life

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Welcome Roadie, and congratulations on your beautiful new bride! If you look on the first page there's a dressing up section where people like to talk about lingerie..alot. That perhaps might be a good place to start.

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Good point. There should be an intro section here. Maybe the higher ups here could add one? Hint? Hint?
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TabuToys Moderator
Thanks for the suggestion, Roadie. I think we can make that happen.
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Betty Rocket
I hope this is the right thread...

My pseudonym is Betty Rocket, I am the female half of a swing lifestyle couple. I am also a freelance writer and sex blogger....and all around hedonist....

I am a self proclaimed expert in the ways of lurve, and love to share and learn....

I am also a wife and a parent....

Betty Rocket
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Hank Alvarez
My alias is Hank Alvarez. I'm 67 years old, a retired teacher; high school and community college, and I'm married to a wonderful gal sixteen years younger who's kept the spring in my step for the last 24 years. I developed an interest in human sexuality after my first marriage went into the crapper and I was working on a master's at CSULB. I studied under Doctor Campbell and discovered my passion but decided not to follow in his footsteps and pursue a PHD at USC because at the age of 50 I wouldn't likely get my investment back. It's still an active interest of mine.
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