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The makers of Vulva Original, the perfume that smells like a vagina, are about to release two related fragrances, Vulva Eighteen, and Vulva Exotic.

Vivaeros Special Products aren’t so crass as to spell it out, but Vulva Eighteen clearly aims to replicate the smell of an 18 year’s old vagina and Vulva Exotic is one belonging to Asian or colored women.

Pussies all smell different, but I didn’t realise there are general age and race differences and that these might be useful in attracting different kinds of partners when bottled in a perfume.

This all begs a couple of questions.

If you’re a twentysomething, thirtysomething or even a fortysomething woman, why would you wear a perfume that smells of young vagina unless you want to risk attracting some pedophiles, or if you’re a white woman, why try and smell like one of your black sisters?

And why would you need to buy actual perfume when you’ve already got a never ending supply of the stuff between your legs?

But it all makes sense when you read about who actually buys Vulva Original. It’s not women who dab it behind their ears to attract partners in bars. It’s men, who dab it on their penis while masturbating, the smell supposedly making the experience more realistic.

“Vulva Original is not a perfume,” say its German makers. “It’s a beguiling vaginal scent which is purely a substance for your own smelling pleasure.”

Vulva Original, they say, was developed at great cost by a team of European scientists, who succeeded in “capuring the arousing, milky aroma in a small, narrow glass phial…” It’s powerful stuff, apparently, “just a tiny amount of Vulva Orginal is needed to appreciate the true aroma of this irresistible essence in only a short period of time.”

“Men can then not only satisfy their needs more intensely during self-stimulation, but women can also use this erotic substance in order to intensify the sensation of smell during intercourse.”

Opinion on whether Vulva Original actually smells like a vagina is divided. In online feedback columns, it’s been compared to everything from fragrant pussy to body odour.

If you want to try it, it’s available from, for 19.90 Euros.
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