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"Valentines day was coming soon and I had decided that there was just no magic in chocolates and flowers anymore, I needed a fresh new approach. I started thinking creatively. What would be something I could give her that would drip with romance and desire? Maybe even something I might benefit from? That's when I googled Marital Aides, Adult Toys. and Sex Toys. Google found 201,000 hits for Marital Aids 329,000 for Adult Toys and 23,300,000 for Sex Toys. WOW, with these virtually unending expanses of sexual implements, lingerie, creams and sex furniture, what's a guy to do, what's a guy to do?

That's when I remembered that a fellow Austin yelper had a toy web site on her profile. I use "fellow " not to describe Voodoo as a boy but more a person belonging in our same rank. A prolific writer in the small enclave of yelp porn.

I popped open her site and discovered a slaking approach to toy shopping fun by comparison to the numerous others I had just looked at. It's fresh, inventive, classy, sassy and drenching with extra seductive and sensual info.
For example; Featured products for your Valentine. A 'how to use sex toys public forum', and in Christina's Toy Box, you'll find her Top Toy Picks, Sex Toys 101 and my favorite, Weird Sex Trivia.
Did you know - "The word "vanilla" comes from a Latin word meaning "vagina" because of a vanilla pod's likeness of female genitalia."

But on with shopping. Not that anyone needs to know what I ordered but it was so easy and painless here. Check out is a breeze, shipping is nominal and delivery is discreet.

Okay If you've read down this far, here's the stimulus package I got her. A Power Breeze Clit Bullet, a book titled - Touch Me Here, and a DVD, The Fine Art Of Cunnilingus. "Welcome to the hotel California."
Put these together with just the right V card, dinner and we're set. Hummm? Wonder what she's gonna give me?

Can't wait for the next holiday: I'm getting her that Waterproof 7 Function Remote Egg. We'll have a Easter egg hunt."
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