To enhance our sex life, my wife suggested using sex toys.  Since I am new to this, I have some questions.  Should we shop together for something or should I just let her choose?  Does the use of sex toys really enhance one's sex life?  Any negative stories/experiences from sex toys and couple's sex?
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I reckon who does the shopping really depends on the relationship. I buy the sex toys for my fiance. The problem with buying for the other half is being succsesful in meeting their needs. If you can shop or browse together than do it.

The first one god vibrator I bought changed the sex life immensely. Before that there was just a standard cute little introduction vibe and some other little things, none of which really tickled her fancy. But the rabbit changed the way she felt about sex completey. (for the better)
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Tabu Toypro
Well you're in the right place! Why don't you two browse our site together? You'll see that everything is categorized down the left side so you can easily get to the toys you are interested in.

Take a look at clitoral vibrators for her to start with. We also carry kits which offer a variety of toys for both of you, like cockrings, vibrating bullets and sleeves.

I personally think that even a good sex life can be enhanced greatly by toys, but of course, every relationship is dependant on open communication and willingness to compromise!
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