We use to like to watch porn videos a lot. But todays porn just turns us off. Too much fake acting. We found a video lying along the road with several others that looked like someone had dropped as they were moving.

One video was of a couple that appears to have had someone help them make. It was a real turn on. No fake acting. Even though it was edited, it still was very home made.

Our problem is we wold like to find more of these but our search has failed to come up with any.

My wife says the old porns gave her ideas and watching them made it easier for her to try. Todays porns she says make it seem impossible for her to try out things. (Fake boobs, fake orgasms, fake acting, fake screamers, fake guys, fake settings, ect.)

If anyone knows of someplace in the US were we can purchase videos (order)that are non professional made ones, let us know!
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Hank Alvarez
I have the same dislike for the newer ones for a lot of the same reasons. For the sheer sake of viewing enjoyment you might want to look at some of the vintage porn from the 60's, 70's and 80's. A lot of the guys and gals were'nt perfect and that's okay with me. The amateur stuff, and that's what it sounds like you might have found on the side of the road, may be more real but the cinematography and sound is usually pretty bad. HHH
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One of the "tubesites" ( has mostly amateur videos.
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