ok i have no problem in jackin off if im wankin myself or if im fuckin a girl but sometimes wen im fuckin i can go on 4 ages lol

but wen my girl is on her period she sucks n wanks me off but i can never cum,it feels reli good n i feel like im gonna but it never happens n she reli wants me to cum in her mouth,can anyone help me?

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Tabu Toypro
Maybe her technique needs a little help. If she slows down a bit and makes long, slow movements in between quicker ones, does that help? Does she use her hands? Give you eye contact? Mental, mental, mental. The brain is the biggest erogenous zone we have. Visuals help. Even if she's on her period, a sexy little tank and panties could help send you over the edge! 

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You have nervous tension when it comes to ejaculation which prevents you from cumming, this is quite common and nothing to be embarrassed about.

Let your girlfriend go on top and control the sexual situation, when youre about to blow your load relax and let it happen. Its kind of like that feeling of when your dying for a piss and your keeping it in so you dont pee yourself.

Your frightened to pee yourself.
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one ov my ex's had the same problem. one thing that always got him goin was bending down in front of him and opening up "the door" oh man he was a good aim lol
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