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Susie Bright has a controversial podcast this week about The orgasm gap - just how big is it?. Prompted by letters sent to Susie and her daughter Aretha at their advice column for Jezebel magazine it seems many female readers are finding orgasms difficult. So they’re just giving up on them.

Unsurprisingly, sexy Susie has a problem with women seemingly denying themselves pleasure. And she is predictably outspoken on her podcast (clip available in link above, as is whole podcast to download). It’s well worth a listen as this is a very fresh angle on an oft-discussed problem.

I’m interested in this since I share a concern that women often don’t get enough pleasure. In my experience as an agony aunt the questions I see tend to be slightly different. I’ve not really heard from women saying they’ve given up trying to have an orgasm. But in my advice giving in the UK and internationally it’s very common to hear from women saying they find it difficult to get in the mood for sex, or they just can’t have orgasms. Many women have never orgasmed with a partner, or masturbated.

So what’s the answer? Here are a few pointers if you are finding it difficult to orgasm…
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