I have to admit, in my short eighteen years of life, I haven't been that sexual. Nobody has ever fingered me or gone down on me. I'm very sexually deprived, and I hate it. Here's my problem. When I get horny, I crave penetration so bad. I ache to have it. But fingering myself doesn't work. Especially with my long nails. I've never experienced a G-spot orgasm, only a clitoral orgasm. I need some excitement in my life. Help, please?
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Tabu Toypro
You are so young and have many years ahead of you to find the right person to make your cravings a reality. But if you're looking for a fuller feeling then just fingers, I suggest getting yourself a dildo. Here are some good beginner toys:

The Crystal Cote - dildo with suction cup!

Tantus Silk - 5.5" dildo

The Royal G - this curved toy is angled to hit your g-spot. Added bonus - it has vibration in it too.
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I'm not a female, but I would suggest you start with toys first. It's nothing to be ashamed of, and it's a lot more common than people admit. Sexual urges can be VERY strong, but don't let them do something you regret.
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