I found this question from Treeoid and I think its a good one-

Do non-submissive exclusive bottoms exist? How about non-submissive versatiles who either don't mind or prefer bottoming most of the time?

I know some people say they do. That sexual position preferences have nothing to do with dominance and submission. And I can understand this in relation to all other position vs. dominance/submission preferences (dominant/submissive/neither tops and versatiles and submissive bottoms I get), but the concept of a non-submissive bottom baffles me.

The way I see it, the main male pleasure-oriented sexual organ is the dick. It's natural for a guy to enjoy shoving it in and out of (or having it massaged by) something warm and tight and preferably lubricated, be it a hand, a mouth, a vagina or an ass. Even when it comes to exclusive bottoms, most need to jerk themselves off while being fucked if the want to come, or even just to get hard. And those who don't need to do that often do it anyway because they enjoy it.

Now I'm not arguing that being fucked can't feel good. But to always, or almost always, choose that over doing the fucking yourself? To not even be able to sustain an erection while considering the possibility? The only possible reasons I can think of for that are 1) a biological/physical problem (a disease or an injury), or 2) an aversion to the idea of being the one in control. And I would guess that not many would fall into category 1.

So ... am I right? Am I missing something? Do I have no idea what I'm talking about?
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Interesting question but I've been with non-submissive guys who absolutely preferred the physical feeling of being penetrated and who could cum from it. its all about the prostate. I like getting fucked and get hard from it but I do need to finish myself off with my hand.
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If this is your (overtly wordy) way of asking if people who are NOT subs like to only get ass fucked, the answer isyes. They exist amongst both sexes.
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