we have lots of toys but when i use them alone, well, i don't get any real pleasure, no wild factor, no tingling, nothing at all. just a belly act afterward.  i must be doing something wrong. i have bullets, curved dongs, hard one with a heated tip, plastic with bumps, rubber and one made of that fake soft skin-like material. i use a lube if i haven't been able to find something to get me wet or sometimes, if i really horney, i am really wet and it slips in easy.

i buy my toys from a private party host and thought about asking her to help me but too embarrassed. obviously though i need help if anyone has any ideas.
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Do you enjoy your toys when using them together?
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Tabu Toypro

Sounds like you just need to woo yourself a little more. You're doing the physical stuff right, but maybe it's the mental part. Get yourself very relaxed, light some candles, put on something sexy and just try to duplicate what works when you're with your partner. Your mind is the most powerful tool you've got when it comes to self-pleasure. Take yourself to whatever fantasy you want to create.

I'd say focus on your clitoris first. Keep a vibe on the spot for a while. Caress yourself, lube up a finger and use the hand without the vibration to gently penetrate yourself. Once you're all teased up, then maybe slip a dildo inside but keep the vibes going on your clit. I cannot see how you couldn't enjoy that!

Good luck, let us know what works and what doesn't. You don't have to be shy here! We are here to help.

Anyone else have some suggestions to make your toy session just as exciting as when you're with your partner?
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I agree with Toypro, it definitely sounds like your hump (pun intended) is more mental than physical. Fantasize about your lover or some hot stranger you saw. Maybe watch some softcore porn to get yourself going or read some erotic literature. Let your imagination run wild and try to replicate your fantasy with your toys. Take your time and tease yourself.
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