It seems like more and more women are having affairs. Affairs are no longer a man's game.  I looked at and there are real women looking for men for one nighters with no strings attached. Life couldn't get greater
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Plum Pudding
That or sadder. Means there are  a lot of men that don't know how to satisfy there  women and you look for the affair but what if they suck as well. I think it is bad both ways. if you have to go and have an affair or look online to fine a place to cheat just get out of the relationship.
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        I have seen most of my mates mess up their lives for a fling and an affair.....not one of them got away with it ....they all ended up getting caught and ending broke and very depressed and regretted doing it .....seeing my friends like that has stuck with me and i swore i,d never ever do it .
                  I have to say i have been very tempted and even had the odd chance to cheat but i just don,t think it,s worth all the heartache and pain ....i do cheat online ....but thats as far as it goes....but i think both sexs are as bad as eachother these days ......there,s a saying ...... "if there were no bad women there would be no bad men" could say that either for either,s a tough old life if you crumble.
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Nice try "Nikki." Take your clumsy attempt at marketing to another forum.

P.S: Yah, we happen to know you're a guy.
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