If anyone has any dirt or stories about Pamela De Barres, Nancy Spungen, Edie Sedgwick, Sweet Connie, whatever..post it. If YOU have had a groupie moment with an old school rock dude or band..post it.

And PLEASE do not bring up the GOO GOO Dolls.. Everybody has fucked them and nobody cares.
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Here's one of the greats...Sable Starr

Sable with Iggy Pop.

I sourced this bio and pics from a fan page, http://www.geocities.com/sablethestarr. There is more detailed (and frankly, better-written) information in the excellent book Please Kill Me: An Uncensored Oral History of Punk by Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain.

Sable Starr was born in California in 1958 as Sable Shields. She grew up in a wealthy suburb called Palos Verdes.

By her teens, she has already become the uncrowned queen of the new generation of groupies which came after the GTO's, by hanging out in clubs like the Rodey Bingenheimer English Disco or the Whiskey-A-Go-Go. Sable got to know members of Led Zeppelin, T-Rex, Mott The Hoople and Iggy Pop with whom she had an affair when she was 13. Iggy later dated her sister Corel.

By this time, in 1973, Sable met Johnny Thunders, the New York Dolls' guitar player. When she learnt that the Dolls were coming to LA, she gathered with some friends to offer them a warm welcome, they even brough gifts for them. Sable chose to give a gift to Johnny, Frederick's lingerie, which was her favorite. They fell in love with each other and, for Johnny, Sable even said goodbye to her life as a groupie.

The beginning of their relationship was a great time. They would spend all their time together, wandering through LA (they even managed to get busted for jaywalking across Hollywood Boulevard and were ordered to pay a fine to the traffic division of the juvenile court) or just staying in the hotel room.

When the Dolls came back to New York, Johnny took Sable with him. They wanted to live together, Johnny's mother helped them to find a place to live in, an appartment on West 24th street, and furniture for it. It was hard for Sable to bear New York's cold winter, but Johnny took her for a buggy ride and bought her a red setter puppy for Christmas.

But their happiness didn't last long. Johnny was very jealous and his growing use of heroin lead him to psychotic-like states that made him aggressive and difficult to bear. Sable, trapped between her still very strong love for Johnny and her need to be happy, eventually cut her wrist. But she was found in time by the New York Dolls' second guitar player, Syl Sylvain who took her to Bellevue hospital.

She was given the chance to choose between going to the psychiatric wing or coming back to her parents. She came back to her parents. Then, she started dating Johnny again until she left him for good in 1974.

Sable later begun to split her time between LA and NY, were she met people like Debbie Harry. She used to see Johnny there as well, but then just as a friend. She dated Richard Hell for a while and came back to LA and to school and started a new, normal life.

She now lives in Nevada with her two children,Christian and Donnay,and works at Harrod's Casino as a 21 dealer.

I like Sable because both Iggy and Johnny Thunders did  and especially because Johnny Thunders never really got over her, according to many of the people around him. He wrote the Heartbreakers' song "I Love You" for her, and several other songs as well.
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I love this topic! I always thought I was born 20 years too late. They were so much more free back then..sigh.
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And don't forget Sable's best friend, Lori Maddox.

Lori Maddox dated Jimmy Page from 1972, when she was 14, to 1974, when she was around 16.
Lori Maddox was part of the wild Hollywood teenage groupie scene in the early 1970s. She reportedly lost her virginity at age 13 to David Bowie and Angie Bowie. One of her best friends was Sable Starr, who was the unofficial queen of the scene at the time. Lori, who was also known as Lori Lightning and Lori Mattix, wasn't as experienced as Sable, but Lori also became a regular at famous Hollywood groupie hangouts, like the Rainbow Bar & Grill, Rodney's English Disco, the Continental Hyatt House (also known as "The Riot House", and the Whisky. Like Sable, Lori was often featured in ‘Star’ magazine (a short-lived '70s magazine, not the Star magazine that's currently a tabloid), which often had articles detailing the activities of music groupies. She also was a teen model.
When Lori was 14 years old, she met a man who would change her life: Jimmy Page, guitarist of Led Zeppelin. Jimmy first spotted her when an associate of his showed Jimmy a picture of Lori. Jimmy was intrigued, and when Led Zeppelin stopped in Los Angeles on their 1972 tour, Jimmy immediately tried to get together with Lori. Even though Jimmy was dating groupie Pamela Des Barres at the time (back when she was known as Pamela Miller, aka Miss Pamela of the GTO's), Jimmy pursued Lori relentlessly.
According to Lori, after Jimmy tried and failed several times to get together with her, Jimmy had Led Zeppelin's tour manager "kidnap" Lori and bring her back to the Continental Hyatt, the hotel where Led Zeppelin was staying. Lori was brought to Jimmy's room, where as she described in the Led Zeppelin book ‘Hammer Of The Gods’: "It was dimly lit by candles... and Jimmy was just sitting there in a corner, wearing this hat slouched over his eyes and holding a cane. It was really mysterious and weird... He looked just like a gangster. It was magnificent."
That night, Jimmy and Lori began a torrid affair, but they had to keep their relationship a secret from the public since Lori was underage and Jimmy was at risk of being arrested. Jimmy was still seeing Pamela (and other women), and the relationship with Pamela reached a dramatic end when Jimmy took her to a Led Zeppelin party but he left the party with Lori. Pamela was said to be very bitter about being dumped by Jimmy, and Pamela considered Lori an "enemy" of hers for years.
Lori and Jimmy were said to be very much in love and they carried on a relationship for the next year and a half. Lori often traveled with Led Zeppelin on tour, but that didn't stop Jimmy from having affairs with other women. Chrissie Wood, wife of Ron Wood of the Stones, was sometimes in residence. And Bebe Buell, a beautiful model and older woman of nineteen, who was then living with Todd Rundgren and about to make her media debut as a ‘Playboy’ Playmate, was due to arrive any day. At one point, a photographer for rock magazines also found her way into Jimmy's bed.
Jimmy eventually began dating Bebe Buell and he dumped Lori, when she was 16. Bebe Buell was Jimmy's designated escort to the Swan Song soiree. Lori Maddox was in a state about this. She had taken a Quaalude and wandered about the party looking dazed, beautiful, bruised. Somehow, she had bloodied her nose, and her snow-white dress was stained a vivid red. As Jimmy and Bebe were leaving, Lori jumped out from behind a statue, crying to Jimmy, "Why are you doing this to me?" Jimmy tried to ignore her and jumped into the limo.
Later, after the party, they all went to the Rainbow, a club on Sunset. Jimmy had an emotional public row with Bebe, who told him he was being cruel to Lori. The next morning, Lori showed up at the Riot House, where she says she found Jimmy and Bebe in bed. She ran out. A few hours later, she waded through the crowd of girls camped outside Jimmy's suite and knocked on the door. Bebe opened the door with the chain on to see who was there, and Lori attacked her, grabbing Bebe by the hair and trying to drag her out of the room, encouraged by the corridor girls, who hated Bebe Buell as a rival interloper from Back East. Sitting calmly in his suite, watching as two of his girlfriends tried to tear each other's hair out, Jimmy was amused. Later, he told friends that the whole thing was incredible, hilarious.
A humiliated Lori tried to get back together with Jimmy, but he continually snubbed her. Lori was reportedly devastated and people who know her say she's never really recovered. Although Jimmy and Lori briefly got back together in the early '80s, they never went back to the passionate love affair they had when she was a teenager.
After drifting out of the groupie scene, Lori held a series of low-paying jobs.
She currently works as a buyer and manager at a fashion boutique in Los Angeles. Lori occasionally gives interviews where she talks about her groupie days (especially her relationship with Jimmy Page), but for the most part, she has stayed out of the public eye. She has a son.
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You might find this list of famous songs about groupie's interesting. (Tom Petty had groupies??)

• Anyone’s Daughter – Deep Purple
• Baby Loves to Rock – Cheap Trick
• Backstage Queen – Scorpions
• Bad Girl – New York Dolls
• Birds of Paradise – The Pretenders
• Brave Strangers – Bob Seger
• Crew Slut – Frank Zappa
• Disaster Piece – Sugar Ray
• Domino – Kiss
• A Face in the Crowd – Tom Petty
• Famous Groupies – Paul McCartney
• Feel Like a Number – Bob Seger
• Finding Out True Love is Blind – Louis XIV
• The Girl With No Name – The Byrds
• Girls Got Rhythm – AC/DC
• Glycerine Queen – Suzi Quatro
• Good Girls Don’t – The Knack
• Groupie – Snoop Doggie Dogg
• Groupie Love – 213
• The Groupie Routine – Frank Zappa
• Head For Backstage Pass – Jeff Beck
• Horizontal Bop – Bob Seger
• Hot & Bothered – Cinderella
• Hot Love – Cheap Trick
• I Knew The Bride (When She Used To…) – Nick Lowe
• I Want Action – Poison
• Just Lust – Buzzcocks
• Ladies in Waiting – Kiss
• Lady D’Arbanville – Cat Stevens
• Lady in the Front Row – Redd Kross
• Line Up – Elastica
• Little Dove – Faster Pussycat
• Little Miss Lover – Jimi Hendrix
• Little T&A – The Rolling Stones
• Living Loving Maid (She’s Just a Woman) – Led Zeppelin
• Lookin’ For Pussy – Dr. Hook
• Lord of the Thighs – Aerosmith
• Lounge Lizard – Mott the Hoople
• Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em – Kiss
• Love At First Feel – AC/DC
• Man In a Suitcase – The Police
• The Marshall Plan – Blue Oyster Cult
• Midnight Lady – Mott the Hoople
• Mista Bone – Great White
• Mitzi Dupree – Deep Purple
• Once Bitten Twice Shy – Ian Hunter/Great White
• One Man’s Pleasure – Molly Hatchet
• One Night of Sin – Elvis Presley
• Open My Eyes – Buckcherry
• The Original GTO’s – The GTO’s
• Penny Lane – The Beatles
• Plaster Caster – Kiss
• Pot Head Pixies – Raging Slab
• Psycho Daisies – The Yardbirds
• Psycho Groupie Cocaine Crazy – System of a Down
• Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 – Bob Dylan
• Red Light Mama, Red Hot – Humble Pie
• Rip Her To Shreds – Blondie
• Rock N Roll Queen – Mott The Hoople
• Rock N Roll Women – Whitesnake
• Rock and Roll Never Forgets – Bob Seger
• Rock and Roll Woman – Buffalo Springfield
• Rocket Queen – Guns N Roses
• Rosie – Jackson Browne
• Sex Child – Blue Murder
• Sexual Thing – Poison
• Sexy Sadie – The Beatles
• Shag – Sammy Hagar
• Shake Me – Cinderella
• She’s Tight – Cheap Trick
• She Came in Through the Bathroom Window – The Beatles
• She Loves My Cock – Jackyl
• Shove It Right In – Frank Zappa
• Sick Again – Led Zeppelin
• Slamin’ – Buckcherry
• Slut – Todd Rundgren
• Solid Gold Easy Action – T.Rex
• Somebody’s Baby – Jackson Browne
• Southern Girls – Cheap Trick
• Special Secret Song Inside – Red Hot Chili Peppers
• Squealer – AC/DC
• Star Baby – The Guess Who
• Star Collector – The Monkees
• Star, Star – The Rolling Stones
• Sugar Magnolia – The Grateful Dead
• Super Freak (Part 1) – Rick James
• Tattoo – Faster Pussycat
• Tattooed Love Boys – The Pretenders
• Tearin’ Down the Walls – Poison
• Teaser – Tommy Bolin / Motley Crue
• Tiny Dancer – Elton John
• We’re an American Band – Grand Funk Railroad
• What’s Your Name – Lynyrd Skynyrd
• What Happened to the Groupie – Too Short & B-Legit
• You’re Invited (But Your Friend Can’t Come) – Vince Neil
• You Shook Me All Night Long – AC/DC
• Young Blood – Bad Company
• Young Lust – Pink Floyd
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I read Pamela Des Barre's book "I'm with the Band" that she was pretty grief stricken when Jimmy Page took off with 14 year old Lori. She really loved him but she was from the first generation of groupies who found themselves replaced by the new wave of younger more aggressive 70's groupies as soon as they hit their mid 20's. I think she referred to them as the "evil adolescents." (The same group Sable was a part of.)

I think it was also more socially acceptable to be a groupie back then and gave these girls some kind of celebrity status. I'm sure there are just as many groupies now but it's more of a behind closed doors type thing. For the record, if I had been around in the Jim Morrison days I can assure you I would have found a way to get backstage.
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What exactly did these rock guys see in Sable Starr? No offense but I'd rather make love to a pixy stick.
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This is from an old magazine called "Star that catered to the groupy lifestyle back in the glory days. And yes, Sable Starr sounded like a serious c*nt!


By Carol Pickel                                       

June 1973 pgs.

As Star Cover Girl Shray Mecham and I walked up to the shiny red front door of Rodney Bingenheimer's English Disco Club on the Sunset Strip, could hear the exciting sounds and pulsating beat of Rod Stewart's record Maggie May echoing throughout Club out onto the Strip. We made our way past the long solid oak bar and spotted two incredibly-dressed groupie chicks waving at us from a small table near the dance floor. I had told Rodney (Hollywood's Number One male groupie) that I wanted to interview the most popular groupies on Sunset Strip for Star, so he said that we should come down to the club Friday night (tonight) and meet Sable and Queenie-the two hippest groupie chicks on the Strip.

Rodney's club has become a hang out for all the Sunset Strip rock groups (like Sparks, Silverhead, Roxy Music, Slade, etc.) and the biggest names in rock music pop into Rodney's for good times and fast action too. Names such as David Bowie, Ringo Starr, Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger. I edged my way along the jiving dance floor, past the pin ball machines (and the pin ball sharkies) toward the two girls. Rodney was sitting with them and stood up (all four feet, two inches of him!) and introduced me to them. And I must say I was a bit flabbergasted when I got a load of what they were wearing. Sable had on a black widow wide-brimmed hat over her kinky-blond natural. And a colorful Japanese-looking kimono with wide open slit sleeves exposing a tiny sequin vest and black bikini panties with a scarlet red pair of garters holding up her black stockings. Too much for words! As for Queenie-she wore a silver lame hot pants suit, revealing incredibly spidery long legs on six inch silver wedgie platforms. Sable, Queenie, and I got into a long detailed rap about the groupie scene. They had incredible tales to tell and were charming to talk to:   

STAR: How would you define a groupie?

SABLE: Everyone has her own definition of what a groupie is. But it's someone that meets the groups, goes to concerts with them and takes them and takes them around town, and just has a good time with them being their friend.

STAR: How did you get into the Sunset Strip groupie scene?

QUEENIE: I had this girl friend and she started going to the Whisky here on the Strip, and she told me how groovy it was and stuff and then I just started hanging out. And eventually I met more people and got my own thing going.

STAR: Sable, could you give me tips on how to become a groupie?

SABLE: Sure. If you're the aggressive type,  the flashy type, you make it. You have to be very flashy, sometimes even sleazy-looking. In a way, sort of cheap looking. You just have to be noticed, you know, because you just can't  stand in the crowd hoping that one of the guys in the band will notice you. If you want to be a groupie you should hang around by their limousines or you hang around backstage or at the hotel. I usually know where a band's staying...I know where their hotel room is because I've got connections, got big ears too! Most groups stay at the Continental  Hyatt House here on the Strip, but the super heavy groups stay at the Beverly Hills Hotel. And so, you're always there.

STAR: How do you get connections?

SABLE: Well you just hang around the third billing bands. Just to get to know the connections, like the people that work for a record company or a concert hall or agents for the bands. And you just can't walk away from them because you never know what they could do for you. Even if the guy is 120 years old you have to be kissie with him 'cause he might make good connections for you.

STAR: Is there any rivalry and jealousy between the groupies?

SABLE: Well there are only about 20 really good ones. And I'd have to say I'm about the best.

QUEENIE: Ha, that's a good one!

SABLE: I'm not the jealous type at all-Queenie is though-you know, because I'm always on top of everyone- because most groupies, I have to say, are just ugly.

QUEENIE: Sure Sable, you tell them-you're full of yourself. (Queenie's holding half a glass of juice in one hand- just about to splash it on Sable!)

STAR: Alright girls calm down. Queenie how about the groupie clique called Miss Pamela and the GTO'S.

QUEENIE: Well, they aren't around anymore. We don't have to worry about them. They're too old. God they're real old. Like in their late twenties and their early thirties.

STAR: That's old??

QUEENIE: Sure. A lot of them sit at home and babysit and make clothes and stuff. A lot of them are traveling around with old men getting their money and using their credit cards.

SABLE: Yeah, they're just blocked out, . you know. Like they'll be sitting there talking to a band. And as soon as we walk in, they might as well jump out the window.

STAR: Do you ever get into real fights?

QUEENIE: Sure, like once, I wanted Mick Ronson, the guitarist in David Bowie's band. He was going with this ugly girl named Leslie and I can't stand her. So I was dancing and making my little eyes, and wiggling my legs and everything. It just made me so mad that she was with him. Anyway she made faces at me so I went up to her and splashed her gin gimlet right in her face! After that, Mick came over to me and left Leslie sitting by herself with her runny makeup and sopping wet hair.

STAR: Do you still live at home? What do your parents think of your groupie antics?

SABLE: I live at home, but I just say "Hi," and" "Good-by". I just sleep there and that's about it.

STAR: How about you Queenie?

QUEENIE: Oh, they get mad but they figure, you know, that I know what I can get away with. And I know what I'm doing. Like I never get into any trouble.

STAR: Do you consider being a groupie a career?

SABLE: No, it doesn't pay-it's more like an ego thing. Just to be able to call up girlfriends the next day and say who I was with last night. It's really my pastime because I'm still in school.

STAR: Are these outfits that you're wearing clothes that you usually wear?

SABLE: Oh, you have to wear wild stuff to be noticed. (Sable flipped up her micro-mini and did a cutsie pose.)

STAR: Is that your most bizarre outfit?

SABLE: No my silver one is. It's just completely skin-tight and it just goes right over my butt. And it goes way down and is backless, and I wear silver shoes that you just would not believe. They are fantastically huge platforms with a chunk missing in the heel- something like wedgies

STAR: How about you Queenie?

QUEENIE: I like my grey-black fishnet stockings, the real short satin hot pants with the Lurex top and my little hat with the cup brim on it.

STAR: How would you describe the groupie look?

QUEENIE: It's in-between the New York Street and the English feminine look and, you know, like the '40's and the '50's have a great deal to do with how we dress.

STAR: Are the guys in the groups attracted to your style?

SABLE: They find me very attractive. (Queenie nudged Sable with her elbow.) Like they'll say-"You are one of the most beautiful girls that I've met in America." (Queenie looks really indignant and throws her head back and laughs.)

STAR: Do you and Sable sort of hang around together?

QUEENIE: Yes, we meet the most groups together. We can meet anyone we want to and do anything we want together.

STAR: Sable, do you ever go out on your own to meet the groups?   
SABLE: No, never. I go with her because together we are really something else. Like she's really aggressive...

QUEENIE: I am not!!

SABLE: Yes you are. Anyway my looks or the way I dress will catch them, or her pushing us will get us there. That's our power. Even without knowing a band she will just jump in a limousine and go and, of course, I'm going to follow!

STAR: How do you let the guys in the groups know you are interested in meeting them?

QUEENIE: First of all, we do our little suavey act. We put our noses up in the air and walk by them, and you know, dance and show off a little.

STAR: What do you talk about with them?

SABLE: I always ask them about their music. Like I tell them how neat they are, and how I think their music is great. And then they tell me more, in detail, you know, what they plan to do in the future.

QUEENIE: And you know, some really like talking about their wives and kids, believe it or not. They usually want to find out about you-about what you're into.

STAR: Sable, who are some of the guys you've met in the superstar groups?

SABLE: Rod Stewart, Alice Cooper, The Zeppelin, David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Elton John, Marc Bolan-just about all the superstars.

STAR: Tell me how you met up with Mick Jagger.

SABLE: Well I heard that the Rolling Stones were at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel-I knew a rich guy who was staying there. So I went to the hotel to visit this guy and Mick Jagger was just running around, you know. He looks just like a bellboy, he's nothing great at all! I wasn't fascinated with The Stones at all, whatsoever. Mick is just ugly-dope has just eaten him apart, and from being on the road too much. His...

STAR: But what about his incredible lips?

SABLE: They're all chapped. He's just really deformed-looking. In pictures he looks fantastic. But he's just deformed. Because his body's like, you know, short, and his face is so long. He just got his hair cut and it looked ugly.

QUEENIE: But he's been around for such a long time that he's fading rap- idly. You know, he's married and he's just getting old. He's been around too long. .

STAR: Was he with Bianca?

SABLE: No, I went to their rehearsal and everything and when we were listening to KDAY the DJ said Bianca had just got into town. So I called up her room, just to see if she was there. And I said something like "Oh, hi, Carol" and she goes "What do you want?" with this Nicaraguan accent. She sounded like a man. The next night I went up to Mick's room and knocked on the door and Bianca said "Who is it? Quit your banging." I asked her if Mick was there and she told me in a few four-letter words to get lost.

STAR: Is Bianca attractive?

SABLE: Yes, she is, unfortunately. But she is a real shrew. All she wants is Mick's money. She doesn't let Mick party at all. She keeps him in the hotel room. He just really wants to leave her. That's what I've heard from all the bands and stuff.

STAR What's Alice Cooper like to groupies?

SABLE: Oh. Alice isreally a neat guy. He would never hurt anybody. Like he just sits and watches TV and drinks his beer like a real homebody.

QUEENIE: I like Alice. But I think he needs to straighten up a bit, he just has got too many props and you can't rely on them.

SABLE: You know, that reminds me of the time this friend Barbara and I were really mad at this girl who was Alice Cooper's agent or PR girl I guess. We were going to put a cigarette out on this girl's head. And so she kind of ducked and we hit Alice right in the ear with the cigarette-burned his hair and stuff. It was awful, but funny!

STAR: Does Alice really wear makeup a/l the time?

SABLE: Yes, but everybody wears makeup now. It's just a gimmick thing. It gives people something to talk about.

QUEENIE: David Bowie wears tons of makeup. He's got a whole suitcase full of makeup. He put some on in front of me and he even painted my toenails blue. That night he performed with one hand with blue nail polish and the other one green. David is the sexiest one around. I mean, he's just so out-at-sight! Like you'll walk into a room and he'll stare right into your eyes. And he'll go, "Hello", and you're. at his mercy. I can't help it. That's just the way he is.

STAR: Sable, do you agree that David Bowie is the sexiest guy around?

SABLE: No, Robert Plant from the Zeppelins. He's a doll. And another fantastic guy is-you'll be hearing more about him soon-Shady Lady, the drummer. His name is Billy.

STAR: When he's not on stage, what kind of clothes does Bowie wear?

QUEENIE: Weird clothes. Once he wore his blue lame boots, his green and black satin striped pants with his red jacket and his green cap. And he had a big hole in the back of the pants!

STAR: How about Marc Bolan?

QUEENIE: Marc Bolan-definitely. The girls just go mad over Marc. I guess because of the way he looks with his hair and he's skinny, and the way he dresses.

STAR: Really?

SABLE: I just hated Marc Bolan. He just thinks he's so in it because he has T-Rex. He's really a little brat.

QUEENIE: He is not-he's beautiful!

SABLE: He's a brat. He just stands in a corner and talks to all these black people. Anyway, one time I went over and I was going to pour a glass of wine on him. So Mary was supposed to push me to make it all look like an accident. Only it was too fake, it didn't work on time because she just touched me on my back and the next thing I knew I just flipped my wrist and my drink poured all over him. It looked too fake!

STAR: I want to ask you both what the ultimate dream of any groupie would be?

QUEENIE: I think that the wish that's always inside, in the back of your mind, is to really have a famous guy fait in love with you and take you all over the world with him. Like to marry him. Some girls are just out to marry a superstar.

SABLE: Just meeting a fantastic guy that's just darling to you. And just to travel with him wherever he goes.

STAR: You wouldn't want to marry a star?

SABLE: NO! Not a musician. Because musicians are too involved with drugs. Too involved with other girls. It would never last.

STAR: Tell me about the ring you have in your nose, Queenie. Do the guys like it?

QUEENIE: Most guys go "God, that's really nice." I think it looks macho you know, tough, and chic!

STAR: What do you want to do once you're finished with the groupie scene?

SABLE: I want to be an Andy Warhol star and do bizarre movies. David Bowie wrote a song about Andy and so did Lou Reed. He has girls like Ultraviolet and Bianca Jagger. Since last July I've been writing a diary-in complete detail. It should be something else!

STAR: Thank you Sable and Queenie!

Star Magazine Copyright © 1973 Petersen Publishing Company
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Wow, this is hilarious on alot of levels. "They're too old. God they're real old. Like in their late twenties!"
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This thread reminds me of a song I just heard.

"I've never worn a condom in my life
Ride it hard ever day on the road
I'm not looking to make you my wife
Just looking to blow my load

I ain't washed my leathers in a fort night
Give or take a day or two
I don't bathe as much as I used to
Rock N Roller Boogaloo

Fister Blister (Fister Blister)
giving it to your sister (and now she's got blisters)
And the're poppin all the time

The bunk on the bus it holds a funk
Of a thousand Arabian nights
Remember what your mama told you
Don't let the bed bugs bite

Fister Blister (Fister Blister)
I'm giving it to your sister (and now she's got blisters)
And they are popping all the time

Fister Blister (Fister Blister)
I'm giving it to your sister (and now she's got blisters)
And they are popping all the time"

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