just curious if any has used any of these websites like adultfriendfinder or similar sites... "the facebook of sex". If you have i'd appreciate some info, not sure if they really work and/or are worth your money. any particular sites that are better than others? might work out wonderfully, might be a scam... send me your thoughts
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Hank Alvarez
I would suggest something a little more socially revealing. There are a lot more places to meet people with relative safety from bars to community colleges and rec centers. A friend of mine "met" a gal over the internet. They emailed back and forth for a couple of months and then he drove four hundred miles for a "meeting" whre she promised to fulfill all his dreams. He ended up drugged, rolled and down about five hundred dollars plus his car which was found a week later in a chop shop. He would have done better at home with a local hooker in LA, or at least that's what the cops in San Francisco told him. My advice is to go slow and be very careful. Hank 
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I gotta set this up a little first. I was married to my first wife for 23 years. We divorced, in part, because she decided her family came first...and a little problem she was having with prescription drugs. My second marriage lasted 7 years...and she died of cancer. She had a huge problem with alcohol.
After the death of Wife #2, I dated a couple of women, who were very sweet ladies, but also lived quite a distance away. Getting to see each other was a problem...and they wanted more from me than I was ready to give.
One afternoon, I had lunch with my daughter. I ask her to give me some thoughts on dating sites. She suggested Plenty of Fish. I enrolled with them...and basically got nowhere. On POF, there was a link to adultfriendfinder. So I went there, enrolled, paid my fee and waited...and waited...and waited. I wasnt passive...sent e-mails, flirts, all kinds of stuff to woman that I thought looked and sounded interesting.
Then one evening, I saw a face on AFF that I had also seen on POF. Not wanting her to think I was only interested in the nude pictures on AFF, I sent her an e-mail on both sites. I got an immediate response with a phone number. I called and we talked for about 3 hours and set up a dinner date for a few days later.

The rest, my friends, is history. Dreamer and I have been together for over two years and are first wedding anniversary is next month. Do adult dating sites work? Oh Yeah! My careful.
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I know people who have used sites like adultfriendfinder successfully but Myspace or Facebook could work just as well.

But what exactly are you looking for?
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they should make an app in facebook for people that wanna hookup
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Tabu Toypro
^ and a delete button for spammers like you
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