i just turned 19 and i am new at sex and oral sex, i dont know if it is me or my bf, but the first time i went down on my boyfriend i was fine i swallowed and everything, but lately when he cums and i smell it i begin to feel like i am going to hurl. i enjoy going down on him and so does he, does any1 have any suggestions? is cum supposed to smell very salty? is cum supposed to be gritty?
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K for Chaos
lol! Don't sweat it! To me cum is very salty and it's kinda gritty to me too. I half swallowed the first time and then choked. He really shouldn't care if you don't swallow, let him cum on your body or somewhere else! To me, swalowing is like deep throating, it can be nice but it's not necessary to be good! If ya don't want to or it makes you sick, don't do it!
I glow in the dark, it's a sexy redhead thing.
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I think it is an aquired taste! I have never met a woman who loved it.
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Tabu Toypro
Have your man drink lots of Pineapple Juice - it definitely alters the taste in a pleasant way 
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