A man begins to notice that the tips of his fingers and his pecker are turning a strange color orange. As the days pass, the orange color spreads. He can't get it to go away. He washes, he scrubs, he tries Comet...all to no avail. He decides its time to go to the Doctor.

The Doctor is equally concerned about the state of affairs. He does blood work, he takes samples...even does x-rays to see if there is an internal problem.

The test results come back...all negative. The Doctor calls his patient to give him the bad news and asks "Is there anything different in your life that may contribute to this?"

"I got laid off from my job."

"That shouldn't cause that kind of problem. What have you been doing with your days?"

"Sitting around eating Cheese Puffs and watching porno movies."

Lovin My Wife...Lovin Life

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