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San Francisco Sex Info tackles another I came but I didn't come scenario.

Q: I am a guy and I got my first oral oral experience with my girlfriend recently. When I came there was this very weird sensation (like tingling in my chest and rising up the face) that I never felt before when I reached orgasm by masturbation. That was just one thing. After I came she kept on going and I had to stop her and told her that I was done. (She has done it before many times so she would know when to stop). The next day we were talking about it and she said that she didn’t stop because she didn’t know I came. She said she didn’t taste or feel any ejaculate.

What could this be? I know she wouldn’t taste anything if I ejaculated way down the throat. But given the sensations that I felt I think something might have happened differently. I think it was an inward or non-ejaculatory orgasm. Could it be?

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i always taste that horrible slimy stuff. as much as it is horrible, i enjoy drinking it cos it makes me feel a bit dirty.

My b/f sometimes ejaculates in a glass of water and i'll drink it from that.
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P Gell
Sounds like Retrograde Ejaculation. It occurs occasionally in some men, but if it occurs commonly or it causes you pain, one needs to see a doctor, as it can be damaging to the bladder (that is where the ejaculate goes) over a long period of time, and also when you want to get a woman pregnant, there would be a problem.

No one is sure why it happens occasionally to some men, (unless you were trying REALLY hard not to have an orgasm and your body took over, and you were fighting it)  but as long as it is a once in a while event and you are not in pain, don't worry about it. And FTR, the next time you urinated, the ejaculate was expelled in your urine,

I can be tolerant of almost anything....except Intolerance........and Dairy Products
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Not sure of your age or health, but I often have dry orgasms, especially in the morning. This is due to a couple of meds I am taking for BPH. The good part is I can last a lot longer, but the orgasms are not nearly as intense.
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Hank Alvarez
It could also be that his ejaculate backed up the urethra into the bladder and that can cause serious problems. I'd see a doctor. Hank
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