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Some of you love him but a lot of people hate him...we're talking about Paul Little aka Max Hardcore. You may not care for the videos he once created, but he does have the right to create them and that's what we should be concerned about.

He's serving a federal prison term of 46 months for "making immoral motion pictures which were too tawdry for the poor people of Tampa, Fla. to tolerate."

He wrote an open letter to the adult industry to keep us abreast of his status. Here's a snip:

"It should be stated here for those who haven't heard that no one from the Tampa area had protested my productions, and that none of these more explicit 'European Version' Videos were promoted for purchase anywhere in America. They were instead ordered by an 'undercover operative' working for the U.S. Justice Department from an international distributor without my knowledge, consent or control. But who's counting?


"Equally unsettling is that a jury of my purported peers would be unable to understand the importance of intercourse as a fundamental human function, then sentence me to prison for 46 MONTHS along with a fine of nearly ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS! All because my movies had 'offended' them and somehow violated their mysterious 'community standards,' which are nowhere written down. They don't tolerate that kind of flagrant flouting of the law down in Central Florida, no, sir!

You can read the entire letter at AVN: Max Hardcore, aka Censorship Victim 44902-112, Writes In
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