I am dusting and cleaning in a French Maid's Outfit
He told me to wear a French maid Outfit - what he had for me. It was a a short black skirt and white lace bib/apron covering my tits, fish net stockings and black high heels. I think this was his Fantasy to see me in this naughty Outfit and clean his Living room - and i loved it th wear my naughty maid Outfit with Nothing under my skirt.

He watched me cleaning and dusting his Living room. His cock grew inside his jeans as i bent over to pick up something off the floor. l am Bending over, my legs apart, exposing my Bottom and my pussy lips.
He is watching me and now hes is open up his Jeans and he has his big and hard cock in his Hand. His hand is going up and down on his dick. He is watching as i bent over again, at the dinner table, spreading my legs a Little more apart. Supporting myself on the edge of the table to get to the far end - to dust it.
Now he Comes over to me and he is not waiting any Minute longer. He pushes his finger in me. He is finger fucking me now and with the other Hand he is playing with my clit. I am so wet already and horny. He is now placing his dick on my pussy.
Slowly he enteres me - inch by Inch, streching me, more and more and he is moving in and out my wet pussy. He is so horny and wild that he is now fucking me with Speed - back and forth, harder and harder, and faster and faster
and at the same time he spanks my ass. Now my organsm start with his next slapp on my ass with the next move with his dick. I come so hard on his dick. Now he is cumming - he cums hard in me . What a nice explotion. The combination of my cum and his cum leaked out of me and ran down the insides of my thighs. What a nice day time fuck...
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OMG! I have to eat you if you wear the maid outfit.
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Naughty maid in sexy lingerie. It is so exciting.😍 In general, sexy maids are a separate fetish in Asian countries!👍
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thank you 
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